Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيMcCain Responsible for Unleashing PMOI Psychopaths
Sam Ghandchi

مسؤلیت مککین در گسستن عنان بیماران روانی مجاهدین

Senator John McCain's visit of PMOI cult's base in Albania (1), on April 14, 2017, is unleashing psychopaths of a Shi'a version of Daesh, called mojahedine khalgh, in the Middle East. The word "psychopaths" is not used lightly as an insult. Please invite any unbiased expert
doctor of psychiatry to visit any popular Iranian opposition network in the US, or abroad, to analyze the actions of this cult in such forums, and publish results as to whether the PMOI agents on those forums are psychopaths or not.

Many PMOI members were murdered by Islamic Republic of Iran, especially during the 1980-1990 period, and there is no doubt that defending their human rights is the least to do; but, unfortunately, the PMOI organization itself transformed into a dreadful cult referred to as Shi'a version of Daesh
(2), similar to their IRGC counterpart in the Islamic Republic of Iran (3), with a leadership comprised of psychopaths. Again this is not an insult and can be proven by expert psychologists. The transmutation of PMOI to a Daesh-like cult has happened during the last 30 years.

At the beginning, PMOI had justification for its actions but later, the cult took a life of its own like the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia and murdered many of its own rank and file who dared to challenge the leadership, when PMOI leaders worked hand in hand with Saddam Hussein of Iraq. PMOI is not a political organization to challenge Islamic Republic of Iran, rather, it has become an organization led by psychopaths having a life of its own.

PMOI cult led by Rajavi's is very similar to David Koresh's Branch Davidians' cult
, which, finally, FBI had to enter into a war with, in Waco, Texas, to free the children living there, from the Branch Davidians' psychopaths. PMOI psychopaths are sick and must be taken to a mental health clinic to be closely examined and hopefully rehabilitated, rather than calling them resistance, opposition group, or freedom fighters, to use them as bargaining chips with the Islamic Republic of Iran. They are as dangerous as IRGC of Iran's Islamic Republic, both are Shi'a versions of Daesh. It is regretful that VOA Persian language chief, Setareh Derakhshesh, is promoting this dangerous dictatorial cult on Voice of America broadcasting to Iran, when it is supposed to advocate democracy for Iran (4).

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher

April 19, 2017

1. Mccain meeting Mrs Rajavi Albania April 2017

رادیو فردا: دیدار سناتور مک‌کین با رهبر و هواداران شورای ملی مقاومت در آلبانی

2. Mojahedine Khalgh, a Shiite Version of Daesh

مجاهدین درون اپوزیسیون نیست، داعش شیعی است

, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
سپاه پاسداران و انتخابات پیش رو

4. Why Setareh Derakhshesh was a bad Choice for a VOA Director
چرا ستاره درخشش انتخاب بدی برای مدیریت صدای آمریکا بود

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