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Sam Ghandchi 
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Postscript 09/01/18: Why Leftist CNN Uses Anti-Russian McCarthyism Against Trump



It is fortunate that networks such as CNN have become more active ever since Donald Trump has become the U.S. President, as compared to their news broadcasts during the Obama's presidency (1). But Democratic Party and the press in the U.S. have been making anti-Russian propaganda at such lengths which is only comparable to McCarthy's years, during the Cold War era, in the U.S. history.


Many of these verbal attacks are based on a belief by some members of the press such as a few journalists of New York Times, that Donald Trump's presidency may end up to be a state like Hitler's Fascism. During the 2016 election, NY Times reminded people of an article they had published before the rise of Hitler- to warn the American people of such eventualities in case of Trump's accession to power.


I do not have a crystal ball but the reality is that fascism has basically failed in the U.S. history and those in New York of 1930's who made propaganda to promote Fascism, hardly found any substantial following; whereas anti-communism during the whole Cold War era and particularly during McCarthy era in the 1950's took hold of the American mindset to a degree that even to this day, there is no socialist party in the U.S. and a presidential candidate such as Marco Rubio during 2016 election, attacked Bernie Sanders' idea of Democratic Socialism by saying the US citizens who are socialists or communists do not belong here in this country and should leave the United States of America.


I am not saying that the Democratic Party or members of the press such as New York Times' editors have similar views as those of Joseph McCarthy of 1950's, but they should remember that such a mindset of viewing Russian spies as the root of all problems of the United States, was responsible for the intimidation and harassment of many journalists, called as Russian spies, in that era. Personally I am the toughest critic of Communism (2) but let's remember that the anti-Communist hysteria has been the biggest threat to freedom of speech, in the US history, and not fascism!

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
March 30, 2017


1. A Question from CNN about Trump vs Obama
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2. Marxist Thought and Monism
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