Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي United Front to Confront Breakup of Iran
Sam Ghandchi 
جبهه متحد برای مقابله با تجزیه ایران 

P.S. Oct 1, 2017:Announcing Change of Position to Opposing any form of Federalism for Iran



The danger of Iran's breakup has been discussed for years and especially in the recent months this issue has risen to the top of political and civil rights discourse in Iran (1).

It seems like the flames of civil war in Iraq and Syria have persuaded the various political and civil rights groups of Iran- even those whose focus is the ethnic rights of Iran's society- to come to agreement about the need to prevent a similar catastrophe in Iran.

Before this, three decades ago, deadly consequences of the breakup and civil war in a distant land of former Yugoslavia was before our eyes. Today that many years has passed since those days, the people who lived in former Yugoslavia carry the heavy burden of hate that resulted from the ethnic wars in the last years of the 20th Century. Of course, this statement does not mean that before the breakup, the relations of ethnic groups in former Yugoslavia was like a promised land, but surely the breakup of that country not only did not bring about a paradise for the different pieces of that land; rather the hatred which is the result of years of brothers and sisters killing each other, is alive in the memory of present generation.

Today after seeing the experience of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Syria in the recent decades, it is better instead of thinking that the problem can be solved by revelations and condemnations of foreign states' support of various ethnic forces or Iran's central government, to deal with the problem itself and create a united front to confront the breakup of Iran and to support the wholeness of the country; a united front with democratic and secular ways and means to work to prevent the flames of a civil war in Iran. I cannot emphasize more the need for the democratic and secular nature of such a united front to have a chance to be successful. If at the dawn of 1979 Iranian Revolution a united front was formed by the political and civil rights movement to prevent the fall of secularism in the country, perhaps today Iran would have been in a different situation (2).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
October 12, 2016


1. Writings related to the danger of breakup of Iran
نوشتارهای مرتبط با خطر تجزیه ایران 

2. An article published in 2005 about the need to form a United Front for a Secular Regime in Iran  
نوشته ای منتشر شده در سال 1384 درباره نیاز به تشکیل جبهه واحد برای ایجاد حکومت سکولار در ایران










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