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Sam Ghandchi
چرا کتاب ایران آینده نگر را نوشتم



More than 15 years ago, the Futurist Iran book was published (1).

The reason to publish the book was for the next generation not to do like the generation of Iran's 1979 Revolution who spent their lives for ideals they later found not to be what they want. Not only those who sacrificed their life, wealth and comfort but those who in their old age are living with hardship. Sacrifices and hardship for ideals is understandable. But Futurist Iran wanted the new generation not to have a similar fate to make sacrifices for goals to find out later are not what they like, and today discuss the results of various programs of different shades of the political spectrum at the time of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

What separates the American Revolution of over 200 years ago from similar revolutions is its futurism. In fact, the American revolutionaries despite their struggle being focused on independence of their country, did not limit themselves to the discussion of independence and reviewed the results of their programs for all realms of life. US Constitution also is the result of such futuristic vision of the leaders of that revolution and is a document that reflects the futurism of the founders even more than 200 hundred years after the success of that revolution.

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
August 23, 2016


1. FUTURIST IRAN: Futurism vs Terrorism-Third Edition
ایران آینده نگر: آینده نگری در برابر تروریسم










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