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Sam Ghandchi
درباره پلاتفرم جدید حزب دموکرات آمریکا

The new platform of US Democratic Party that was ratified in the DNC Convention in Philadelphia last week can be a worthwhile reading for Iranians. The interesting thing in the platform is not the Iran discussion. On Page 43 of the platform there are two paragraphs discussing Iran which are not anything new (1). But the new platform influenced by the supporters of Bernie Sanders has brought the issue of economic justice to the center of attention, an issue that following 40 years of rise of post-industrial development in this country, is threatening the development itself. Future will show whether the discussion of social justice in the US Democratic Party will continue after this convention (2).

As far as the elected officials from US Democratic Party in the three branches of the government are concerned, the items in the platform are not binding and if at any time the party wants to make any position binding, in the convention of the party it must be ratified as binding, and then if for example a representative of the party in Congress violates that provision, s/he will not be able to use the financial resources of the party or attain a specific position in the party (3).

Hilary Clinton in her acceptance speech for the Democratic Party nomination for the office of US President in 2016 noted that economic justice was brought to the center of attention by the supporters of Bernie Sanders during the primary election of 2016. The future will show how Mrs. Clinton will work with regards to social justice if she is elected as the US President.

The views about party platform in the US election this year can be very useful for the proposal of platform of Iran's Futurist Party (4). In fact, the political alternative in 21st Century will be the foundation of constitution of any country that wants to build itself on the basis of a progressive foundation in the 21st Century (5).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

July 31, 2016


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