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Sam Ghandchi
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Brexit and the 2016 presidential election in the U.S. exemplify the impasse of political alternatives in the 21st Century. Donald Trump and the Tea Party offer a return to original capitalism as a solution for 21st Century and Bernie Sanders offers a return to original ideals of socialism (1). Although Hilary Clinton seems to be supporting the status quo and continuation of Obama Administration but her campaign is energized by those supporting Sanders' solution who think the first step to achieve their platform is to make the compromises Ms. Clinton has proposed to win this election (2).

At the same time Islamism in the last half century has been proposing to go back to Medieval Times as a solution for 21st Century impasse (3). It may seem like the political alternatives of Tea Party Libertarianism (4) on one hand and Sanders' Democratic Socialism on the other, are some way a return to the past but we should note that Islamists' alternative is an ideological state which suppresses and eliminates all other political thoughts whereas the anarchist, capitalist or socialist returns to the past work within a pluralist model of modern society and as we saw in United Kingdom, power peacefully changes hands between them without seeing the kind of atrocities that we are witnessing in areas where Islamism has won power in the world (5).

A week ago, the futurist Alvin Toffler passed away. Alvin Toffler was the most famous personality in Modern Futurism (6) of our times and showed in very popular books how the world is moving beyond Capitalism and Socialism using a model referred to as Post-Industrial Society to denote the new civilization. Post-Industrial Society model was theoretically elaborated in a book by Daniel Bell in 1973. But as far as a political alternative for 21st Century is concerned, Alvin Toffler supported the neocon Newt Gingrich (7) whereas Daniel Bell always distanced himself from the neocons although he was a personal friend of Irving Kristol (8).

Newt Gingrich today in a radio interview said that New York Times and Washington Post are in an all-out war against Donald Trump and added that "If you really believe we got to change America back to prosperity and jobs and creativity and dynamics, then Trump is the only candidate in this race that makes any sense at all" (9). The reality is that futurists basically distanced themselves from politics and did not offer a political alternative for the 21st Century. It is time we the Futurists start expressing our views about what political alternative we support for the 21st Century (10).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
July 3, 2016


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