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Sam Ghandchi

حبیب تیموری مترجم کتاب کردها و دولت مرکزی



The English translation of my book entitled "Kurds and Formation of Central Government in Iran" (1) which was written in 1981, was done the same year by Mr. Habib Teymoori. But neither the Persian version nor the English translation were published at that time. Also I lost contact with Mr. Teymoori when publishing this book on the Internet more than ten years after it was written; and I did not know if he wanted me to mention his name as the translator or not, so I did not mention his name in case it could cause him problems in Iran. Recently I saw an obituary on the Internet that Mr. Habib Teymoori Masuleh had passed away in 2010 in Iran (2). He was an excellent translator with a deep knowledge of economics and history and actually I should say his translation of my book about Kurdistan is like an original English book by itself and even the English version of Chapter 6 and other sections have a few added paragraphs that are not in the Persian version; they were added by Mr. Habib Teymoori to make the text more understandable for the English readers; and with his extensive knowledge of Iranian history especially of the 1941-1953 period, it was done perfectly. I kept his additions as-is when publishing the English version. They were written in the spirit of the book which has tried to present the facts as far as we knew at the time of writing the book. I need to express belatedly of my gratitude to the late Mr. Habib Teymoori for all his scientific work and also for finding my book about Kurdistan worthwhile to translate it to English. He will always be alive in our hearts. I hope my late condolences to his family and friends is acceptable.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 9, 2016


1. Kurds and Formation of Central Government in Iran

کتاب کردها و شکل گیری دولت مرکزی در ایران


2. Habib Teymoori's Obituary in Persian

حبیب تیموری ماسوله

















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