Anthology: Khordad82 Students' Uprising

(Towards 18-Tir/July 9)



Letter to Kofi Annan (Persian)

(Please sign this letter which is requesting UN protection of Iranian Students and a UN-monitored Referendum and Free Election in Iran.)


Tabarzadi/Mohammadi-Invitation for 29-Khordad (Persian)


Iranscope's 18-Tir Page of Last Year (2002)


News on Excellent Iranian Forums


Iranscope Latest News of Students' Uprising in Iran


Babak News


Editorial-Separation of Religion & State

(1999 editorial following 18-Tir78/July 1999)


Editorial-16-Azar of 1332 (Dec 7, 1953) Rooze-e Daneshjoo

(1999 editorial 5 months after 18-Tir/July1999)


Various Photos & Sideshows of Iranian Students' Protests












Nimrooz-Tehran-Ali Mostalizadeh-From the Hot Hot Tehran


A Constitution Model for Democratic Republic of Iran by Ardeshir Dolat


Iran Solidarity-Poll JomhoorikhAhAn




HamMihanIrani Website (Latest News & Articles)