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Dr. Masoud Kazemzadeh-Islamic Fundamentalism ...(new book)


Valie Faghih


Dr. Hassan Abbasi-ghorAn soroodehii beh sabke fArsi


Alefbe-enghelAbe eslAmi beh ravAyate tasvir


Derafsh Kaviyani-What is the Quran?


Derafsh Kaviyani-Zoroastrian Elements in Qur'an & Traditions of Islam (Persian & English)


Sam Ghandchi-About Safavids: Why Shiism and not Persianization??




Journal of Democracy-Ladan/Roya Boroumand-Terror, Islam, and Democracy


Islamic Philosophy Online


Fatwa Killing of Ahmad Kasravi and Others by Islamic Fundamentalists


Ahmad Kasravi-Biography and Works

Daniel Pipes-There Are No Moderates: Dealing with Fundamentalist Islam


Steven Emerson-American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us


Poems by Taslimeh Nasreen


Intellectual Censorship in Islam: A Matter of Life and Death


Ali Dashti-23 saal-Intro by Bahram Choobineh


Ibn Warraq's Books


Statement By Ibn Warraq On The World Trade Center Atrocity


Anwar Shaikh's Autobiography


Zakarya Razi


Faith Freedom International


HamMihanIrani Site on Islam


Separation of State & Religion- 1


Separation of State & Religion- 2


Bagher Momeni-The First Political Terrors and Mass Murders in Islamic Civil Society


hasan bin sabbah and the secret order of hashishins


Articles on Iranian Revolution & Islamic Republic of Iran


Articles on Cults & Circumcision


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