Intro-Flechtheim & de Jouvenel


From: Sam Ghandchi  <>
Date: Wed Apr 19, 2000 0:31am
Newsgroups: soc.culture.Iranian

Subject: Intro-Flechtheim & de Jouvenel


Introduction: Flechtheim & deJouvenel
In 1972, Alvin Toffler edited a book called "The Futurists".
In that book, he collected papers from various futurists all
over the world: Paul Ehrlich, Margaret Mead, John McHale,
Marshall McLuhan, Robert Jungk, Arthur Waskow, Arthur C. Clarke,
Olaf Helmer, Herman Kahn, Anthony Weiner, Theodore J. Gordon,
M.S. Iynger, I. Bestuzhev-Lada, Kenneth Boulding, Yujiro
Hayashi, Ossip K. Flechtheim, Bertrand de Jouvenel, Fred L.
Polak, John Wren-Lewis, and R. Buckminster Fuller.
Toffler's "The Futurists" anthology is out of print now.  In two
separate posts, I am posting two articles from that anthology.
One by Ossip K. Flechtheim and the other by Bertrand de
Jouvenel.  Please note that some of these articles are more
than 50 years old and the use of masculine pronouns in English,
as generic, was customary in those days.
Toffler's notes about authors, for Flechthiem and de Jouvenel,
are as follows:
Ossip K. Flechtheim, Political scientist, Free University of
Berlin...  Invented the concept of "futurology" and made
important contributions to futures research...One of first to urge
introduction of futures into education...Author, History and
Futurology, German Policial Parties since 1945, From hegel to
Kelsen, Between Yesterday and Tomorrow...Editor, the journal,
Bertrand de Jouvenel, Political economist, philosopher...Prime
intellectual force in futurist movement...Born France, 1903
...Created Futuribles, international group of scholars involved in
futurist research...President of SEDEIS (societe d'Etudes et de
Documentation Economique, Industrielle et Sociale) ... Author,
The Art of Conjecture, On Power, The Pure Theory of Politics,
Sovereignty, The Ethics of Redistribution...