COMMUNIQUE-Forgery of My Email By Savaki Monarchist Criminals


Postscript Nov 21-I just had a threat call from a monarchist by the name of Faramarz Saedi from Sweden.   The Savaki monarchists who sent out my phone number cannot silence me. Their Savak was not able to silence me when the Shah was in power.  And today in the West the same Savakis try to stop my freedom of expression, when Reza Pahlavi pretends to talk of human rights outside Iran, but those in his organization, even before they return to power, harass Iranians for speaking our mind, even when we are living in the West and are not at the mercy of the Shah's Savak in Iran of future Pahlavi, which he is trying to fool the world with human rights talks to get back on the throne.  Iranian monarchy has never had any respect for individual rights and is not having it today either, and their talks of human rights are only for the foreign press not for Iranians, whom they treat the same way they did before, even when we live abroad.


The email attached at the end has been sent by Savaki Monarchist criminals forging my email address in the "From" field and impersonating me.  Forgery of email and impersonation are criminal actions.  I have traced the email and IranMehrOrg was found to be related. The site is related to Mehrdad Irani who works as secretariat in the office of Reza Pahlavi.
Forgery of people's address and impersonating others sending email, is a criminal action, and this again proves that Savaki criminals are active in the organization of Reza Pahlavi ,and if today in the U.S. under democracy, this is what they do to their critics, expect to have the same murderous Savak actions if they ever come back to power again.


At one time I was hopeful that Reza Pahlavi can change this sad despotic reality of monarchy of Iran, but I am convinced that his organization has become a safe haven for Savaki criminals, and it is best to liquidate monarchy for good, as their intention has nothing to do with democracy and human rights, of which they talk about, and they just want to use the nice words to come back to power, to give us another half century of despotism of Pahlavis.  I gave them the benefit of doubt, but they proved that they are still the same fascist Savakis.  Here are all my previous articles about them where I tried to reason with them:
Fortunately my readers know to look for my works on my own site, which is,  and they do not trust the forged statements or emails impersonated by IRI or monarchists, and this announcement will also be on my site which is authentic.  I will only send URL of this statement in emails and posts.


Reza Pahlavi and his criminal Savaki staff have become desperate that Iranian pro-democracy movement has left them behind. Their harassments of pro-democracy activists only shows that they are still the same fascists that they were at the time of the Shah and the Savakis should be brought before courts of crimes against humanity.


Iranian pro-democracy activists are working on the constitution of a new secular republic for Iran.  Pahlavi monarchy belongs to the past

and their Savaki criminals cannot force the moribund monarchy on our people by their strong financial backing and foreign support.


Please come and visit Jebhe BB thread discussion of constitution of Iran's future secular republic, which both IRI and monarchists want to stop from forming, but the real independent Iranians are working hard to make happen:


Down with Reza Pahlavi and Iranian Monarchy


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
Nov 19, 2003
ATTACHMENT: Here is the forged email and impersonation:

from fujitsusiemens ([]) by
from unknown (HELO (
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To: <>
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Subject: Request
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 15:30:28 +0000
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Sam Ghandchi