Gozareshgaran Appeal Call:


Let us be the voice of the imprisoned workers and all political prisoners in Iran!


On the eve of the International Workers’ Day, May 1st, whilst in all parts of this planet earth, the people of the world are preparing to celebrate, as glorious as possible, May Day and to declare international solidarity with the workers, but unfortunately, holding the fist celebration of May Day is illegal and forbidden in our country – Iran!


The capitalist Islamic Republic, as usual with more and more fears of this annual event, has prepared its repressive actions and threatened to arrest and imprison the worker (labor) activists and their supporters.


Based on reports of security forces, the Islamic rulers have arrested the labor activists and a number of participants in recent years ceremonies are still in prison, and subjected to the most severe physical and mental torture, restrictions, and inhuman prison conditions.


Last year, was also the most active year for struggles of workers, farmers, teachers and retirees.


Our people in Iran could turn May Day into a day of solidarity with the workers of the world and raise the flag of social justice, with a roar as load as possible, with the utmost enthusiasm, like people all over the world.


The capitalist Islamic Republic and its security and military forces, with their inherent rage towards the workers and toilers and the oppressed participants in this ceremony (May Day), have demonstrated, that they are the tools for the support of the all parasite  looters and corrupt predators, and have never sided with the working class of our country- Iran.


Meanwhile, the vast majority of Iranian people have realized the inability, illegitimacy and helplessness of the ruling regime and through their protests and nationwide riots, repeatedly declared and denounced the illegitimacy of this inhuman regime.


The workers (labor) activists, and political prisoners, have endured years of suffering imprisonment and torture, in order to voice the illegitimacy of this system (the Islamic regime), and it is our duty and responsibility to resonate their voices on the eve of this auspicious day of the working class of the world.


We, the political, cultural and social activists, hereby, express our disgust with the policies of the Islamic Republic towards the Iranian workers and toilers, and call for international solidarity with our Iranian working class.


We, hereby, call on the organizations advocating political and worker prisoners to protest against the Islamic Republic, and demand the unconditional release of all worker (labor) activists and political prisoners in Iran.


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The names of the supporters:

Arezoo Molanai - Political activist and asylum seeker in Turkey

Anvar Mirsatari - Republican and secular of Iran

Ardeshir Omranpour – Poet

Ahmad Azizpour - Political activist

Akbar Deylami - factory worker

Asghar Zeynoldin - Political activist

Arash Kamangar - Political and media activist

Amir Mirzaian - Political activist and former political prisoner

Ali Pichgah - Labor activist

Amin Bayat - Political activist

Amador Navidi - Political and media activists

Ali Damavandi - Political and media activists

Ali Etedali - Political activist

Ali Satari - Political activist and former political prisoner

Ali Samad - human rights activist

Ahmad Eskandari - Political activist

Bagher Ebrahimzadeh - Political activist and former politicaal prisoner

Bijan Bahadori

Bahram Soltani - human rights activist

Bijan Saidpour - Political activist

Bahram Rahmani - Writer and political analyst

Behrouz Sooren - Political activist and former political prisoner

Behnam Changai - political activist

Dr. Shahin Navai – Researcher

Dr. Zari Erfani - Director of Pars Radio Zurich

Dr. Majid Moshayedi - Political activist

Dr. Hasan Najeb Hashem - human rights activist

Dr. Parviz Davarpanah - political analyst and Media activist

Davoud Ahmadloo - Political activist

Elahe Omidi

Esmail Fatahi - human rights activist

Ebrahim Avokh - Political analyst and media activist aand former political prisoner

Ebrahim Pouyan - Political activist

Ebad Amouzad - human rights activist and Political acctivist

Ehsan Sabet - Political activist

Fariba Sabet - former political prisoner and Women's rights activist

Fatemeh Sobhani - Women's rights activist

Farhang Ghasemi - Writer and human rights activist

Farid Mohamadi - Political activist

Gholam Asgari - labor activist in exile

Gholamreza Morshedian – musician

Homa Moradi - Feminist activist  - Independent Left

Hasan Azizi – Translater

Hamidreza Rahimi - Poet and satirist

Hossein Naghipour - Political and media activists

Hasan Hesam - Left-wing political analyst and political activist

H. Riahi - Political activist and former political prisoner

Houzan Khaledian  - Asylum seeker cartoonist in Germany

Hassan Daryadel  Tavana - Political activist, Iran

Jaleh Sahand - Political activist and former politicaal prisoner

Jafar Hosseinzadeh - Political activist

Javad Oskui

Jafar Amiri - Political activist and former politicaal prisoner

Jamshid  Safapour - Labor activist

Khalifeh Mousavi - Political activist

Kamran Paydar - Political activist

Khodamorad Fouladi – Researcher

K. Alvand - political analyst

Kambiz Fatehi - Environmental researcher - asylum seekker in Germany

Kambiz Gilani – Poet

Mehrafagh moghimi Kiani - Political activist and former political prisoner

Monireh Baradaran - Former political prisoner and human riights activist

Mehrdad Ahangar - Political activist

Majid Darabeygi - Political activist and former political prisoner

Mohamad Nazari - Protesting asylum seeker in Germany

Mohamad Hojabri - Journalist and human rights activist

Naser Johari

Nasrin Ahmadi - Women's rights activist

Neda Farokh - human rights activist

Nosrat Teymourzadeh

Nader Sani - Teacher and political and social activist

Naser Kamangar - Political activist and asylum seeker in Turkey

Neda Noavar - Women's rights activist

Omar Minai - Labor activist

Parvin Ashrafi – Women's rights activist

Parvin Riahi - Women's rights activist

Parisa Azami – Germany

Parviz Rastgoo - political analyst and Media activist

Parviz Mirmokri – Poet

Pirooz Zoorchang - Political activist and former politicaal prisoner

Rasoul Shokati - Political activist and former politicaal prisoner

Reza Bishetab – Poet

Rashid Mohamadi - Asylum seeker artist and actor in Germany

Soraya Fatahi - Political activist

Shahla Abghari - Political activist and university proffessor

Sima Sahebi - human rights activist

Sholeh Zamini - human rights activist

Shirin Ahmadi Sarvestani - Asylum seeker poet in Turkey

Safar Saed

Sirvan Enayati - Journalist living in the United Statess

Siavosh Abghari - Political activist and university proffessor

Sam Ghandchi - Political and media activists

Sam Montazeri - Freelance journalist and political analyst based in Sweden

Sirvan Mansouri - Journalist and director of the Hana-Assylum Seeker website in Turkey

Siavosh Karsaz - human rights activist

Siamak Jahanbakhsh - Political activist

Sedigh Jahani - Labor activist and media activist>

Taraneh Rousta - Women's rights activist

Zaman Masoudi


Signed by Organizations:


Women's voice for change in America

All Human Rights, For All, in Iran

Euro Press Federation

Free Iran - Center for the Protection of Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy – Germany

Ismail Khoi Foundation

Foundation for Freedom of Thought and Expression

Iran Info – Wien


Signed by sites and weblogs:


Agahi news


Radio Payam - Canada


Rah-e Kargar


Rangin Kaman


Etehad Kargari


Sam Ghandchi


Sedaye Mardom


Eshterak Wordpress


Ayandeh Negar


Radio Pars


Ehteram Azadi


Reza Bishetab


Ebrahim Avokh


Majid Moshayedi




Rah-e Kargar news blog

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April 30, 2022