Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيMr. Obama, Isn't it Time to Honor Ray Kurzweil
Sam Ghandchi

آقای اوباما، آیا زمان قدردانی از ری کورزویل فرا نرسیده است


Dear President Obama,

Isn't it about time to recognize Ray Kurzweil for his technological singularity paradigm? I have not been in contact with Ray for about a year and do not know if there is anything in the works by the US government to recognize his great contributions to our understanding of our world and ourselves, by showing the proximity of a Singularity in the long journey of humanity to be as close as 2045 (1).


What Ray has shown, not only impacts the strategies for world bodies like United Nations but impacts plans of every country, every family and every individual. Many other countries like Russia have already started conventions centered around 2045 Singularity at national scale, and it is surprising that the United States where Mr. Kurzweil lives, works and contributes the most, such as founding the Singularity University in California, has not recognized him for his great achievement in the area of Singularity, which impacts every aspect of our lives (2).


It is a pity that we are not actively taking advantage of Ray Kurzweil's vision to plan for science and technology leadership of the 21st century. The Singularity is not just a new paradigm for thinking about the future of science; but also our education, healthcare, defense and financial systems can be better built by using this scientific outlook (3).


Ray Kurzweil is a great asset for humanity in our times, the same way Albert Einstein was a great asset for humanity in the mid twentieth century. Ray's humility should not be a reason for us not to see the immense impact of his vision, science and inventions on our world (4).


All the Best,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher

June 6, 2015



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