Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيPerhaps an Unwanted Result of Charlie Hebdo Attack
Sam Ghandchi 

شاید نتیجه ای ناخواسته از حمله شارلی ابدو 

Today Al-Qaeda of Yemen took responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attack. The details of Charlie Hebdo's cartoons, the horrendous terrorist attack and subsequent protests have been discussed extensively in the press (1).

In 2001, following Sept 11th attacks in New York, the West had every legitimacy to attack Afghanistan (2). Only after invading Iraq which was not involved in the Sept 11th attacks, anti-war movement in the West got traction and finally Obama came to power on the platform of ending the war in Iraq, after a decade of West creating enough defense to avoid another major stateside attack, thus feeling not the need to eliminate sources of such attacks in the Middle East.

Actually in the last nine months, despite beheadings of journalists by ISIS in Iraq, it was still very hard for the West to get fully involved in the fight against ISIS inside Iraq and Syria and cheap oil helped to avoid extensive anti-war protests in the West.

But one consequence of Charlie Hebdo attack, whether it was intended as such by Al-Qaeda or not, is that the West will no longer need to have cheap oil to continue its presence in Iraq and Syria. Because this attack showed that all security measures in the West are not enough to protect Americans and Europeans and fighting these forces in the Middle East is gaining legitimacy again to protect the lives of people in the West, the mindset that grew in the West in 2001 following Sept 11th attacks.

Therefore, after Charlie Hebdo attack, whether oil prices remain low or not, the US and allies will have a lot more support from the people in the West to continue fighting these forces in the Middle East.

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
January 14, 2015


1. Life of Muhammad Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo

2. From Salman Rushdie to WTC

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