Let me first note that I resent religious partiality of Israelís government.† I also do not approve the attacks of Israeli state against the Palestinians, although I should note that I do not care for their Palestinian and Arab counterparts either.† If some Israelís officials still imagine that they have legitimacy of owning a lot of land in the Middle East based on whatever has been the case some thousands of years ago, the Palestinians and Arabs who also imagine that because of whatever has been owned by them over half a century ago, they still have the right to that land, are both dreaming.† This is as if one keeps saying White population has no right to the U.S. land, because it belonged to Native Americans.


The reality is that there is a country of Israel because of whatever historical reasons, just like all those Arab countries that exist because of some historical reasons and one better see the reality and plan on that rather than having self-serving versions of dreams of history to try to solve todayís problems.† So basically I do not care for either side of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


But as far as Israel, I think it has been one of the most successful countries in the Middle East, which has been able to become way more modern than all the other countries in the Middle East.† People all over the world, hold Israeli doctors in high regards, and wish medical attention at Israeli clinics.† In almost every area of new technologies, the Israeli companies are very active and are comparable to advanced countries of the world.


And as far as democracy is concerned, the Israeli population enjoys more democratic rights than the citizens of all countries of the Middle East, although the Palestinian minority does not enjoy such level of rights.† Just like in the U.S., that the solution for Native Americans and Blacks was not by pipe dreams of eliminating the White population, I believe, Israel, needs at least something like Civil Rights movement to recognize the rights of all minorities in that country.


†In the U.S. democracy, also the Native Indians and black slaves did not have much rights before abolition of slavery or the success of Civil Rights movement, but the country was democratic for its citizens.† So if one compares other countries of the Middle East, the Arabs themselves in the Arab countries do not enjoy such democratic rights as Israelis enjoy in Israel.


I think Iranian people should consider good relations with Israel and it is to our advantage to learn about technical and social advancements of Israel and looking at Israel just from the angle of Israel-Palestinian conflict has been a wrong approach for Iranians to Israel in the last 20 years which has been instigated by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the disadvantage of the Iranian people.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher



August 23, 2001



P.S. Jan 9, 2002 A Historical Note: The issue of recognition of Israel came up at the U.N. in 1947-8 and Stalin's Soviet Union supported it and the Soviets continued recognition of Israel for long afterwards. In contrast, Mossadegh dropped the recognition soon apparently because of Palestinian issues. I am not saying who was right. This is a very complex topic for historians. The Soviets took the position to support the Jewish Nation, which in their view Israel was. The Bondists and SR's (Socialist Revolutionaries) [remember a left-wing SR who shot Lenin] were the ones supporting formation of the Jewish State even before the Balfour Declaration and the 1917 Russian Revolution and their position still had a strong following in the Soviet Union of 1948 and the Soviet leadership did not want to show itself as not supporting the right of self-determination. In fact, the descendants of those Bondists are the ones who run the Kibbutz in Israel even today and they are strong believers in this semi-socialist structure. Personally I do not care for any of these and have written a lot of critique of these socialist schemes. But these are historical facts which show Mossadegh and Hezb-e Toodeh had opposite positions although the likes of Mohammad Reza Shah would call Mossadegh a toodehi on this topic and many others. Personally I think for Iran it is better to view relations with Israel and Palestinian State separate from the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the same way Iran has always viewed the relations with India or Pakestan separate from the India-Pakestan conflict.


P.P.S. Feb 21, 2002 The superiority of the state apparatus of Israel to its Arab neighbors is a very objective thing to establish and it is not an issue of Jewish or Arab race (btw the word race is not correct here anyway but that is beside the point). How can one figure out the superiority in political arena?† Well, how about checking the separation of power for a start? How do Arab states compare to Israel? How about the independent functioning of the parliament vs the executive branch? How many Arab states do we know, that have a *real* independent parliament? How many of them have *real* election and not sham selections? How about *real* supreme court and checks and balances? How many Arab states can claim to have one? How about women rights? How do the Arab states compare to Israel for women rights? How about independent media, TV, Radio, Newspapers? How do the Arab states compare? Even in Welfare? Who has a welfare program, the Arab states or Israel? Now let's look at the economic sphere? How do Arab states compare in technologies? How about skilled labor? How about a real stock market? How about energy development? How about unemployment benefits? How about science, universities, etc? And a real tax system where government feels they are answering to the tax payers and not the other way around? Now how about education? How much secular education do the Arab states have? How much modern education? And, how about Healthcare? Which one of the Arab states compares to Israel in medical knowledge and healthcare? And please do not say that it is all because of being dependent on the US. That would not matter in our case at point anyway but that is not the reason. Saudi Arabia is as close as Israel to the US. Other excuses will not work either. In fact Arab states have had more luck having oil in their land than Israel.† Is it because of any imaginary race superiority thing? No! Simply the immigrants who have built Israel have built a more modern state than the Arabs who had lived in that area for long. The Arab countries may not like this fact and may be mad about it but this is a fact that Israel is a superior state as compared to all those Arab states of the Middle East.



* The above article was first posted on Jebhe BB on Aug 23, 2001† Postscripts were first posted on Jebhe BB on Jan 9 and Feb 21, 2002 respectively.



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