Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيWhy ISC did not Overthrow Assad

Sam Ghandchi

Persian Text متن فارسی


One may wonder why ISC (IS Caliphate), formerly ISIS, did not even try to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. It was not long ago when they formed an alliance with Saudi and Qatar, supposedly in opposition to Shiites and Iran, together with Muslim Brotherhood, to conquer Syria. But what happened? They changed course and pushed south to Mosul to form ISC (IS Caliphate). And Saudi backed the rise of army and overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Perhaps ISC never wanted to conquer Syria because that way they would end up bordering Israel and would either have to fight Israel or lose their credibility. ISC's position regarding Gaza clearly showed it too (1).

ISC's goal is to conquer Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf kingdoms. They do not want to repeat the experience of Afghanistan's Taliban. They want to be a rich Islamic state controlling oil reserves like Iran. Actually many of the founders of Iran' Islamic Republic, although Shiite, were also followers of Muslim Brotherhood. With the fall of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, ISC is inheriting their mandate and supporters in the Middle East.

All the ISC anti-Shiite propaganda is to unite Sunni militants around its organization, but their real goal is to take over Saudi Arabia. They entered the anti-Assad alliance with Saudi and Qatar to attack them later, the same way al-Qaeda was in alliance with the US against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan but later turned their guns against the USA in WTC (2).

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
August 6, 2014