Islamic Republic of Iran has done a very good job to convince Iranians abroad that the best they can do, while abroad, is to support the improvement of relations between Islamic Republic and the West.


Since treatment of Iranians in foreign countries has been affected a lot by hostage-taking, and the barbaric terrorist actions of Islamic Republic, Iranians have hoped to improve the image of Iranians abroad as they can and the Western countries angle of synonymy of Iranian nationals and the Islamic Republic of Iran has caused many unconsciously the de-facto supporters of Islamic Republic abroad, supporting the very reason of the bad image of Iranians abroad and thus playing in the hand of Islamic Republicís play-the-victim game in the West.




Just look at the Iranian organizations that are asking for **unconditional** removal of sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran when many of their own members have lost loved ones in the hands of the Islamic Republic of Iran and know very well of daily violations of democracy and human rights in Iran and are best aware of the religious apartheid in Iran.


The misunderstanding is that Iranians abroad are very unhappy about the way the West looks at them and they do not know that the solution is in showing the West that Iran and Iranians have been the first to oppose the cruelties of Islamic Republic of Iran, including its hostage-taking, terrorist activities in Palestine and in the West (killing Iranian dissidents or death threat against Salman Rushdie). Also that Iranians have been the ones suffering Stoning, Amputations, Killing for Leaving Islam, hanging and torture because of political challenges to Islamic Republic, etc.Not only in Iran, but even abroad the Iranians have not been free from the atrocities of Islamic Republic and Mykonos trials were one of the most known cases of such criminal activities of the Islamic Republic and its agents.


Many Iranians wonder what can be done, if anything, about these atrocities of Islamic Republic of Iran.They think Iranians have no power as a group, to use it in dealing with the Islamic Republic abroad.I would say this is not the case.Just look at the organizations that have challenged finger-printing of Iranians abroad.Look at the organizations that are lobbying to end sanctions against Islamic Republic.Those are many Iranians and they have had the strength of even having many lawyers working for them, to do their activities abroad.


I think if these organizations add to their platform to show the realities of religious apartheid in Iran, and showing to the world what Iran and Iranians think of the atrocities of the Islamic Republic and its agents, they can become a major force helping the democratic and future_oriented movement in Iran.Iranians abroad have had a lot of history of dealing with dictatorial regimes of Iran, and they can impact the course of events in Iran.We should not just sit and feel sorry about people in Iran, the people who are being stoned and violated every day by the vigilantes of the regime.We can do something about it.


I think the first step is to challenge the platforms of the Iranian activists groups that have erroneously become the propaganda machine of the Islamic Republic of Iran.I think basically most of the people involved in these organizations, are honest people who care about Iran and Iranians, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is misusing them to get hard cash from the West.


I do not think these organizations are paid agents of Islamic Republic and I think they are using their own resources, but because of a wrong political platform, they have ended up as workers for Islamic Republic of Iran. If they change their political program and to tell the world about the barbaric stoning, amputations, jailing, torturing, and murdering of dissidents (e.g. Foruhars) and other daily atrocities of Islamic Republic of Iran, they can help the Iran and Iranians in the road to a democratic and future_oriented society.


I think the platform of these organizations should be discussed on different forums such as SCI and see what is missing in their platform, for it to become the right platform for Iranians abroad to act in line with the movement to abolish religious apartheid and for democracy and progress in Iran.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


May 28, 2001






* The above article was first posted on SCI (soc.culture.iranian) Usenet newsgroup on May 28, 2001


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