Sam GhandchiTwo Opposite Strategies of Islamic Forces in Middle East

Sam Ghandchi


Persian Version  متن فارسی

Islamic forces in the Middle East seem to be following two opposite strategies. On one hand, forces such as Muslim Brotherhood regard United States as their ally in their attempt to rise to power in other Middle Eastern countries, considering what has happened in Egypt. This has even frightened governments such as United Arab Emirates which considers Muslim Brotherhood as a serious threat to their regime.

On the other hand, the strategy of forces such as Al Qaeda and Islamic Republic of Iran in the Middle East is still based on opposing the U.S.

The actions of Islamic Republic of Iran are very aberrant. Tehran, while similar to Al Qaeda, relies on anti-Americanism. But in the conflict between Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, it tries to ally itself with Muslim Brotherhood because it sees Al Qaeda as Iran’s competitor for controlling the Middle East and Islamic World. However, anti-Americanism of Islamic Republic of Iran is in contradiction with the strategy of Muslim Brotherhood. Furthermore, by getting too close to Islamic Republic of Iran, Muslim Brotherhood will lose its competition with Al Qaeda in the Arab World, because Sunni Islamists view Iran as the reason for their defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Expansion of the operations of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Syria and Iraq is also creating a deeper wedge between Sunnis and Shiites. At the same time, Arab Spring has become one of the big differences between Iran’s government and the opposition (1).

In addition, Iran’s policy toward Israel has provided Islamists in Arab countries more room to maneuver. Muslim Brotherhood has been able to gain more concessions from Israel. Meanwhile, recent mediation led by Egypt between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has strengthened Muslim Brotherhood’s position in the Arab world.

Amid all this, Turkey has shown a different record. Turkey has Muslim Brotherhood on its side, yet Al Qaeda in competition with Muslim Brotherhood does not want to get the wrath of Turkey. To this end, Al Qaeda has continued to avoid executing any terrorist activities in Turkey, whereas by organizing terrorist attacks on US embassies in Libya and hostile activities in Egypt and Tunisia, it has tried to discredit Muslim Brotherhood.

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
Oct 27, 2012