Are we naive when writing khosh-khiAli about Reza Pahlavi panacea?!  The leading monarchists of Iran, including Reza Pahlavi, in the last 22 years, have never blamed the fall of monarchy on the failure of that system of Savak dictatorship and corruption.


They blamed their failure on foreigners, leftists, democrats, and again and a gain blamed their failure on treason and collaboration of some of their generals with akhounds, etc, but never cared to blame the monarchy's Savak, dictatorship, and corruption for its demise.


If you compare leading Iranian figures associated with the failed Iranian monarchy, with some leading Russain figures associated with the failed Soviet Union, such as Yeltsin, you will notice how the latter clearly blamed dictatorial and corrupt communism itself for the failure and fall of the Soviet Union, and here lies the difference of the two.


Although Yeltsin was part of the central committee of Soviet Communism, he was the first to blow the whistle on its dictatorial and corrupt system. Until that happens, all of Reza Pahlavi's talks of referendum are nothing but a tactic to bring the same type of monarchy back to power in Iran.


The ones who encircle Reza Pahlavi are still the same gang of sarhang Jahanbin's and the likes, who are responsible for the failed monarchy that we had for over half a century under Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah.  The same monarchy of Savak dictatorship and corruption that Iranian people gave their lives to overthrow.


Sending more liberal-minded monarchists like Shahin Fatemi to L.A., to give lectures, should not fool us to lose sight of the fact that the ones who are really in charge in Reza Pahlavi's *in* circle, are the same Savakis who never challenged past monarchy for its real problems that caused its demise and they blamed everything else under the sun for the failure of the monsterial system they had created and enforced in Iran for so long of a time.


They are more like the Stalinists trying to revive the past glory of Soviets, when it was falling, than being like the Yeltsin's, who saw the reason of the failure, the dictatorial system of Communism itself


I think one should evaluate the same way the ones who have been part of IRI and are parting from it. The ones who truly blame Islamic Republic for the failures of the system, and condemn the lack of separation of religion and state from the start, are going the right path, and they would gain the trust of Iranians and Khatami is not one of them.


Being on the side of democracy and progress in Iran means to see that the reason of both the failed Monarchy, and the failing Islamic Republic's Theocracy is their fundamentally anti-progress, undemocratic, and unjust systems, any tactical error.


Wishing for a future forward-looking and democratic Republic of Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


March 30, 2001






* The above article was first posted on SCI (soc.culture.iranian) Usenet newsgroup on March 30, 2001


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