Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيWhat Israeli Government can do for Iranian Opposition

Sam Ghandchi


Persian Version نسخه فارسی


More than five years ago an article entitled "Danger of IRI-Israel War and What Iranian Opposition Needs to Do" was published (1).


Fortunately not only some Iranian activists cared to consider those suggestions but also Israeli government republished it without my knowledge on the web site of Israel Foreign Affairs (2).


Subsequently Tehran's hardline newspaper Kayhan attacked me because of the paper being posted on the Israeli government's website and I wrote a communiqué saying that my articles have no copyright and have no problem if anyone including Islamic Republic or Israel republish them without change on their web sites (3).


In November 2011, when there were more talks of preemptive strike by Israel and Iran in the press, expressed my opinion about such action in an article entitled "Preemptive Strike on Nuclear Sites is Genocide" (4).


The nuclear issue of Iran has been very clear for a long time (5).


Nonetheless, why I am against any invasion of Iran is clear and there is not anything more to add to what have already said long time ago (6).


All this time the discussions were centered around what Iranian and Israeli people can do to prevent a war between Israel and Iran and am very happy that last year new people's initiatives started in both Israel and Iran to that effect (7).


But recently an interest has been shown by Israeli government to help Iranian opposition.  This is the reason I am writing about what I think Israel can do to best help Iranian opposition.


One of the regional issues that has been used by Islamic Republic from its first day of inception to rally Iranian people against the secular opposition has been the Palestinian issue.  They have tried to show the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a war between Islam and its enemies and this way to use Iranian people's religious sentiments to depict secular thought as betrayal of Muslims by focusing on the plight of Palestinian people.


As written 11 years ago, I view Israel as a democracy although I see the situation of Palestinians in Israel to be similar to the situation of Blacks in early democracy of United States - not being full citizens (8).


I believe the best help Israeli government can provide to Iranian opposition is to treat its Palestinian population as full citizens and by doing this, Islamic Republic of Iran will lose the legitimacy of attacking Iranian secular opposition on the basis of how Palestinians are treated by Israel.  What I am writing may seem like a cliche and trivial, but really this is the bottom line of what Israeli government needs to focus on, to help the Iranian opposition.


Hoping for a Democratic and Secular Futurist Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor

May 5, 2012