GhandchiقندچيThird Open Letter to Mr. Reza Pahlavi

Sam Ghandchi

سومین نامه سرگشاده به آقای رضا پهلوی


Recently a group who call themselves your supporters and are indirectly connected to your office have started a tabloid-type gossip against me in some U.S. news organizations. Their claim is that I have insulted you at the end of 2003 and of course they do not report the whole story and do not say that my response to them was not only to their attacks on me in that same Iran National Front (jebhe melli) forum but was also to their email and phone threats at that time where they had made death threats to me and my family and because of their abuse and harassment, I changed my phone number and published the following communiqué at that time:


Of course, at that time I had to trace their phone call, email and the IP address of their posts on the discussion forum to figure out their names and their connection to your office but fortunately today because of the contact of people related to them with the U.S. media offices, it is simple to establish their identity and their contacts and they cannot hide behind penname aliases anymore. Today you and I live in the United States and we are both ordinary citizens. You can go to court and file a complaint and say that a group of your supporters who were in contact with your office using Internet aliases not only insulted but also threatened me and my family to death and in response I have insulted you.  Insulting you is within the First Amendment of U.S. Constitution of free speech but death threat to me and my family by this group of your supporters who were connected to your office is not considered freedom of speech. 


Of course, you and I have more important reasons to be active in Iranian politics to waste our time with these kinds of nonsense and I regret to have spent my time to even explain about all these games of these people who have nothing to do and think making these kinds of nuisance is political activity. A few months ago the IPC Founder was kind enough to spend his time to respond to these kindergarten tattletales in English, which if you like, you can read at the following link, to understand the level of discussions of this group of your supporters which this gentleman has replied to:


But what is the reality?  Was I trying to destroy your image?


Just eight months ago one of the daily papers of Islamic Republic of Iran tried to use my difference with you and published a forged report related to you and I.  I denied the report immediately without taking any position about our political differences. Please read my communiqué about that news report below and judge for yourself if it is sincere or spiteful:


Have I insulted you, or I have just published theoretical and political articles about monarchy all these years?  Wasn’t a group of your supporters who used pseudo-names all these years not only throwing all kinds of insults but making death threats to my family and I?  I wish they would spend their energy to help the movement.  My site gets email requests from political individuals who have left Iran and need financial help and political asylum and after 29 years there is till no Iranian institution abroad where I could refer these homeless refugees.  Sometimes all they need is just a bus fair or a suit to go to the UN refugee office in Turkey.


If anybody wants to sincerely review my approach to you during all these years, not only they can read my two previous open letters to you but they can read all my writings of the last twenty some years about monarchy and you on the Internet and judge for themselves if I have been writing insults or have written theoretical and political discussions.  All my writings about you and Iranian monarchy are available at the following link:


I am one of the first Iranians who has been active on the Internet and any unbiased reader who has seen my site all these years would acknowledge that it is one of the most dignified and scientific sites avoiding tabloid-type gossip and hearsay. Here is the link, please see for yourself:


For comparison please go and read the writings and weblogs of this group of your supporters using aliases and again judge for yourself who has been writing insults, rumors and gossip and who has been presenting serious political and theoretical content.


During the last year, I had two interviews with the Voice of America (VOA), one was about Internet Fltering and the other one was about Futurism and Artificial Intelligence.  This group has intensified its attacks on me after 5 years because of these two interviews and are trying this way to stop VOA from having any more interviews with me and and I ask you and all the readers please spend two hours and carefully watch these two interviews and fairly judge yourself whether these discussions are in the interest of Iranian people or their tabloid-type gossips.  Here are the links to those two interviews:


Of course all kinds of people are found in the political movement but those who are political activists or senior journalists in respectable news media should not waste the time of the people with the kindergarten games of these individuals.  One reason for the dismay of these people is that IPC site has been pro-monarchy in the past and has become anti-monarchy and they think I am responsible for this change.  Theory and political thought cannot be killed and people in an open society have the right to choose whatever ideas they desire. Here is the link of IPC and you can ask them yourself why they have abandoned monarchy:


If I had such power to make this shift, I would have overthrown the Islamic Republic by now.   As far as any resources, you are more famous and also have financial means and contacts that are not even comparable to mine.


Then what is the real issue of these people?


Something that I have said many years ago has scared them and that was my suggestion to you to abdicate the throne when I wrote that lack of dissolution of monarchy has postponed the fall of the Islamic Republic, although at the same time I wrote that it is your individual right to want to continue being active as the heir of Pahlavi throne just like a gentleman who lives in United Kingdom and for years has considered himself as the heir of Qajar Dynasty and from time to time has interviews with BBC.  Here is the link to my article about dissolution of monarchy:


Mrs. Farah Pahlavi just two weeks ago, in her interview with VOA on the occasion of the anniversary of 1979 Iranian Revolution said that this time everyone to clearly state their goal so that later not to say they were deceived or that their revolution was stolen:


I, as an individual who has no wish to be a king or a president, have exactly done this, and have clearly stated my ideas about the regime I desire after the Islamic Republic.  You can do the same and that group of your supporters can do likewise. This is the freedom which we wish to have in Iran.  You and I now both live in Washington DC.  I am ready personally to be in any TV debate or interview with you.


When a journalist like me in the U.S. cannot freely express his views because of these people, then what will happen to lesser known people in future Iran, if such forces come to power.  Please remind this group of your supporters when they live in the U.S. to learn about the First Amendment to stop this kind of abuse and harassments against those like me who oppose their view.  I have every right to oppose monarchy and they have every right to defend it, that is the issue, and I hope they stop trying to mislead.


Wishing you and your family a happy Norouz


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
February 27, 2008



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