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Sam Ghandchi

کتابی تا 2 هفته ی دیگر: کرزوایل 2024 در مورد هوش مصنوعی




Three days ago I announced stopping all publishing till further notice. Actually I had a fall that day and could have easily died, but fortunately survived and although have a lot of pain especially in my left leg, I am OK. Of course, I am still dealing with cancer as before! Moreover, I doubt it if I can be much active in the social media although will publish on ghandchi-dot-com web site from time to time and my thanks to Mr. Shamseddin Darabi for posting my new mention about Orwell yesterday on his Twitter and Facebook pages. Maybe many Iranian readers are surprised why in the midst of so much Iran political news about Iranian separatists, I am not writing about those events! Frankly a while back, I noted George Orwell's very old article of 1945 entitled 'Notes On Nationalism,' while I also had published a new article about my own views 'not being a nationalist,' I meant that I have long passed such a 'discourse' just like Orwell who was a 'futurist' himself, and had stated the view I had quoted from him,  80 years ago in 1945! Even Orwell's 1984 Book  which was published 4 years later (75 years ago), after that note, i.e. in 1949 still was not understood in 1984, rather his points were appreciated with the start of the 21st Century! Personally I wrote a paper 40 years ago entitled 'Artificial Intelligence: The Cornerstone of a New Civilization' in 1985 and at the time even the most prominent futurist Daniel Bell was hesitant to use the term 'intelligence' for such tools and I even changed the translation in Persian to machine intelligence because my Iranian friends said 'artificial intelligence' is meaningless in Persian. But today 'AI' that is 'Artificial Intelligence' and its translated word in Persian are easily understood!


Let me explain the point in a different way! When a group of advanced primates that later became humans left the trees for Savanna, basically they, more or less, had **all** reached a point that they could advance to the next stage of life. But some of them did not realize it and stood behind and still live on the trees, whereas others advanced to the next step finally became what we call humans today! This has been similar to our story in the last 40 years when AI basically helped humanity to take a leap and today AI is a reality! Some people may still like to stay behind but others have already long passed the realization of a new era in the world. I am sorry to say that all this talk about nationalism by Iranian separatists and those who think the fight with the separatists is the main issue for Iran and the world, frankly, I think, is just a useless distraction and I prefer to spend my time with AI and especially am waiting for Ray Kurzweil's book to be available at every bookstore in the world in 2 weeks and I am looking forward to reading it. My thanks to Ray Kurzweil for preseverence in finishing his work and best wishes to all. I discussed the first volume of the book that was published in 2005 in an interview in Persian in 2007 and I hope sites like 'Spotify' to provide automatic English translation of that interview so that English speakers can judge for themselves if the topic of Kurzweil's Technological Singularity has been properly presented in that interview of mine. At any rates, I look forward to learn more from Kurzweil's new 2024 book in two weeks! Happy reading.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
May 16, 2024

























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