Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي To Hossein Ronaghi about the Difficulty of Iran's Opposition
Sam Ghandchi

به حسین رونقی در مورد مشکل اپوزیسیون ایران




Dear friend Nelson Mandela of Iran, Mr. Hossein Ronaghi,


I just saw "your note of an hour ago and the accompanying video on Twitter"*, and I agree with all your words and I am happy that you are still active to "peacefully put an end to the Islamic Regime and to create a democratic, secular and forward-looking republic in Iran," and fortunately, "up to this moment, Iran has not been in a war situation like what we have witnessed in Gaza for several months!" The fact that the 'progressive movement in Iran,' especially after the "Rise of 2018", has continued with a focus beyond "reactionary reformism", is a source of hope! But the main political problem of Iran *is* the *lack* of unity in the opposition and it is *not*! I mean, in general, it can be said that neither the entire position nor all the tactics of the opposition in Iran have a plan that can be said to lead to the happiness of the people, whether the opposition works together or separately! Using terms such as democratic, secular and forward-looking is part of the expression of this solution, which I have expressed hope for reaching these ideals in Iran for years at the end of all my articles, but it is really important to understand the discussion!


For example, I have personally explained what I mean by the term "foresight" for more than 40 years, but I see that many people who claim to understand the future are now presenting the "Simorghi view of Manouchehr Jamali" as the future! My goal here is not to discuss the views of the philosophy of the unity of existence in the history of Iran, which I have discussed a lot in the past, and it is not a new topic. And perhaps the same poem of Saadi when he says "clouds, wind, fog, sun and sky are in use, so that you don't eat bread on the palm of your hand and neglect", has summed up the entire "philosophy of the unity of existence" or pantheism! Did I mean such a view by the term "futurist" all these years? No! As I have explained in detail in the 5th section of the Progressiveness Pamphlet 40 years ago! My best description of futurism is actually 'Kurzweilian Futurism', which I have written about the views of 'Ray Kurzweil' for years! The same is the case with issues such as 'democracy' or 'secularism' or 'social justice'!


Are all people supposed to agree on such intellectual foundations for social transformation? No, in the American Revolution, which was one of the most successful revolutions in the history of humankind, and for 250 years after that, this country remained democratic and at the same time progressive and successful, not all people had such an understanding of the American Revolution of 1775, and the issue of the general public was gaining independence and not paying taxes to the British government that was taxing them without giving them the right of representation in the British Parliament which is clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson! However, the leaders of the American Revolution basically had a common understanding of the basic demands of the revolution, i.e. democracy and secularism, and even though secularism did not play a prominent role in the revolution itself-- unlike the antireligious movements in Europe, yet secularism played a central role in the formulation of Constitution and the laws in the United States, and it was precisely because of the high level of awareness and literacy of the leaders of the 1775 Revolution, who were from the group of freemasons who were very literate, and at that time American freemasonry was different from what later became freemasonry in the world.


From all this discussion, I mean that it is necessary for the active friends in the Iranian political movement to really try to create a clear understanding of their goals, and even if the number of leaders who have a clear understanding of their goals is very small, they will be more effective. This work may seem so impossible that everyone prefers to say that we should accept these currents as they are, whether they are united or not, as if, it will not have much effect on the result of the work! There is a need for a group that literally has a clear understanding of democracy, secularism and foresight to be able to take the helm of this ship and take advantage of all the potentials, and this important thing cannot be achieved with the currents that we had 45 years ago during the 1979 Revolution or in other historical periods such as August 1953, September 1939, the Constitutional Revolution of 1905 and the like, otherwise in the year 1979, the nation of Iran had not suffered such a historic failure! We had 45 years to find a way, and we have done the works, and it is important not to return to the past to solve the problems of the future, that is, not to repeat the mistake we made in 1979, and by this I do not mean only the monarchists and various Islamists of Iran. And I will not corner anyone! I mean, we have to come up with a truly 'futuristic' plan, or else we'll end up in other debacles!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
May 1, 2024

























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