Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي My Response to Jeffrey Sachs About Ukraine
Sam Ghandchi

پاسخ من به جفری ساکس در مورد اوکراین




Dear Professor Jeffrey Sachs, I listened to Your Dialogue of last week with The Hill dated 4/2/24 about the Ukraine situation and the U.S. policy! I fully agree with you about the US error in this regard at the time of Obama Administration which was also noted by the late Henry Kissinger! Nonetheless, as I explained in October last year, I believe the Biden Administration handled the situation perfectly from start when the U.S. did not interfere at all which could have easily escalated into a WWIII at the time and it was basically the decision of Ukrainian people and Zelensky at the helm who resisted the Putin Russia's attack, a fact was also noted by your interviewer, basically there was not much of any U.S. help for Ukraine during that first year of resistance! I fully supported Ukraine's resistance from day one of Putin's attack when unfortunately many in the Left effectively supported Putin! After one year of resistance, Ukrainians were winning the war and could initiate peace easily and had a good chance to achieve it with good conditions, when I actually asked Zelensky in an article to initiate peace and not to make the mistake of Iran during the second phase of Iran-Iraq War, but unfortunately he did not pay any attention to my suggestion! Zelensky continued the war for another year which meant his dependence more and more on the U.S assistance for the Ukrainian resistance and suffering continuous losses in the second year of the war as we know! However, Zelensky has tried to make peace later, but Putin has not stopped his attacks on Ukraine! I am glad that 2 months ago European states in Munich Conference stood up to the aggression of Putin's Russia, contrary to the way Chamberlain appeased Hitler's aggression and abandoned early resistance to the rise of Hitler's Fascism! Moreover, I am glad that President Biden has stood up with the Europeans in the resolute response to Putin's continuous aggression in Ukraine, and am glad yesterday President Biden met with the Japanese Prime Minister to emphasize the resolute stand of the West including Japan in this global threat! Let me emphasize that as I have explained many times, although I am a US Citizen but am a nonpartisan in US Politics and my words should not be understood as a support for a Democrat or a Republican candidate in the upcoming US Election! Best Wishes for All!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
April 11, 2024

























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