Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Republishing 'A Futurist Viewpoint' in Iran's Secular Democracy Movement
Sam Ghandchi

بازنشر «یک دیدگاه آینده نگر» در جنبش سکولار دموکراسی ایران


بازنشر «یک دیدگاه آینده نگر» در جنبش سکولار دموکراسی ایران


Dear friends, As you know I am not well and need to rest; but I, wanted to write you this short note today! I am grateful to Dr. Esmail Nouriala, who yesterday republished the article entitled 'A Futurist Viewpoint' by this author on the site of Secular Democracy Movement of Iran, an article which was first published exactly 35 years ago in English on April 1, 1989, together with my late friend Jack Li, a founder of Beyond War. And in following years, in addition to translating it into Persian, I have also added several footnotes to it, and I hope re-reading that article and its footnotes to be useful for readers who find an 'outlook' that is related to Iran and the world, to be interesting! In fact, that treatise was one of the first articles that was published years later in a column entitled 'From the Perspective of a Future-oriented Person,' which Dr. Nouriala assigned to this author from the first day of publication of the New Secularism magazine *!

But now! I don't want to say that Iran's current situation is a repetition of the days of 1979 revolution, each epoch has its own flavors; however, it is possible to learn a lot from the experiences of the first two years of the 1979 revolution, and this was what I tried to do 6 months ago in the first part of my interview at Mehestan on October 9, 1402, when I mentioned the two mistakes of the opposition forces in the first two years of the 1979 revolution, when I showed the first one was in the conservatisms of supporting Khomeini on Women's Day, Tehran, March 8, 1979, and during the incident of Occupation of US Embassy in Tehran by the Khate Imam students, and then unconditional support for Khomeini in the Iran-Iraq War, and the other was anarchist extremism, after the Ferdowsi Square demonstration incident, which ended in the executions of the 1980s, and of course, in both cases, we cannot only blame the opposition, but those two extremes did a great harm to the subsequent developments of the Iranian society! At that time, separatism was not a serious issue in Iran and relative presence of Iran's Jebhe Melli in power in the first two years of 1979 helped to moderate the danger of that kind of extremism in the political sphere of the Iranian society at that time, which unfortunately, in recent years, we have witnessed an opposite trend, and this reality is not helpful in resolving similar problems today! Anyway, I don't mean that in the current situation of Iran, everything is similar to the days of 1979 Revolution, yet the experience of those days has lessons that I tried to remind everyone in my interview of 9 months ago, and maybe it will be useful today, to help us avoid excesses! Best wishes to all!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
April 1, 2024

























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