Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Protesting the Tweet of Masih Alinejad that was Sent to Elon Musk
Sam Ghandchi

اعتراض به توییت مسیح علینژاد که برای ایلان ماسک ارسال شده بود




Dear friend Ms. Masih Alinjad, A week ago, on February 8, 2024, you sent a tweet to Mr. Elon Musk and wrote in it to be brave and learn from the parent company of social networks Facebook and Instagram, i.e. the company 'Meta', and to remove a user account attributed to Ayatollah Khamenei from Platform X (former Twitter)! As I have written many times, despite the fact that I have no contact with you and have never met you in my entire life, nonetheless, I am a supporter of your activities, and in my opinion, you, just by yourself, have done what the entire confederation did during the former regime, as much civil rights activities supporting Iranians who are struggling for their human rights in Iran, which is worthy of recognition, and I have written many times before that you deserved to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and although I am happy that another Iranian, who has also suffered a lot for human rights in Iran, namely Ms. Narges Mohammadi, received the Nobel Prize this year; but I hope that one day you will become the third recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize from Iran, which will be a historic honor for Iranians to present three Nobel Peace Prize recipients to the world. However, I strongly disagree with your point of view on this particular case, which is 'against freedom of speech' and I have already published my opinion in detail in this regard! As far as treatment of the defendants of the Islamic regime, the unbiased treatment we witnessed in the trial of Hamid Nouri in Sweden, was an example for all Iranians so that we do not suffer another retaliatory kun-faya-kun in Iran in the future, as we suffered in the 1979 revolution and its aftermath, where the whole society was destroyed, burned the wet and the dry, and according to the famous saying, what we have seen about Qisas, which results in blinding everyone! I am happy that war between Iran and Israel has not started so far and I hope that activists like you, in addition to working for human rights, will also work seriously for peace, especially the new organization of the World Liberty Congress, of which you are the founder and now the president, and the issue of peace between Iran and Israel to remain in our focus, regardless of what government is in power in either country. Look, the issue of freedom of speech is related a lot to power! When we say that the owner of a social network does not have the right to decide and censor someone, and the courts must rule, and of course the laws of each country are different, but it does not mean that something legal is necessarily in accordance with human rights, otherwise in Iran, stoning is legal! In the same way, right here in the USA, I have been subjected to various harassments in the field of 'freedom of speech' for many years, and in a recent note, I explained the action of one of the opposition individuals, who destroyed my life due to political differences, and now at the old age when I am suffering from cancer, my family and I are destitute because of the crime of that person! Just a few days ago, when you praised the "courage" of Meta, the owner of Facebook, in suppressing freedom of speech, they blocked a number of images of my content on Facebook, and they have done this many times, and just an hour ago, they blocked the images on my Facebook account again. They clap! In comparison, in fact, since Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, freedom of speech has been observed much more at the center of the X social network than before. We, the Iranian human rights activists, who were victims of the suppression of freedom of expression both before and after the 1979 revolution, and in fact have always been the sacrificial lamb in both weddings and mournings, should stand at the forefront of supporting 'freedom of speech' and let's make the experience of Hamid Nouri's trial to be our paradigm, just as the political prisoner Toomaj Salehi * raised the flag of the abolition of the death penalty in Iran under any regime, in the short time he was released from prison, so that this issue of human rights in Iran can be solved forever! You know, during the height of the power of the Communist Camp, those who had experienced both sides of the Berlin Wall for a long time said that the issue of justice on both sides is an inescapable truth; But, in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, you did not have the freedom to even express your protest! If we learn now that we have more rights in the USA because of the existence of democracy in this country, we should not use our power to suppress anyone else's freedom of speech. We have seen that when someone is sitting in the seat of the accused, s/he deserves to have freedom of speech more than anyone else, and despite all the hatred we have for that person, we should fight for his/her rights and freedom of speech! And this behavior can actually support our own rights in the future, and the experience of the 1979 revolution and what happened to 90% of the winners of that revolution, more than a thousand of my articles should have taught us all this lesson! Good luck and we are all speaking for those whose human rights are denied in Iran, both men and women who are deprived from Freedom of Speech and are behind Internet Filtering Firewall of China, and thank you for all your efforts in the Jina #MahsaAmini movement* last year. khasteh-nabaashid and good luck!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
February 16, 2024

























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