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Sam Ghandchi

دوستارلیمب، من و سرطان

P.S. 11/03/23: Today I received the following message from my doctor's office:


"You were approved for 100% financial assistance with Foundation One. I'm thinking the paperwork you received was for you to appeal the decision of your insurance company. You do not need to complete it."


So they are going ahead with the test and hopefully I will not need to be worried about the charges. This is good news for me and I will follow through with the results when it becomes available.


All the best,







Dear Readers, You already know about my fight with cancer. I asked my oncologist if I could try a new medicine called Dostarlimab. He ordered Foundation Medicine Genetic Testing which is required for that treatment, to be done on my tumor biopsy of 5 years ago! Today, they called me from Foundation Medicine and said my insurance does not cover this test and I would need to pay for it myself or apply for financial aid! They said they will do the test before there was any response for financial aid unless I ask my doctor to stop the test. I just called my doctor to stop the test and said I prefer to die than to have one more bill to pay for, because I cannot afford to pay any more bills. I have AARP United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan which is for the retired people, the same AARP that Mr. Obama in the last years of his presidency said he was personally signing up for! Not to blame Mr. Obama or AARP, this is the reality of retirement for the poor in the United States! Also applying for financial aid is more pain than the cancer itself! As the French say: C'est la vie!


At the end, let me share with you a bitter truth! I never ask anybody for anything, but less than two years ago in March 22, 2022, I asked for financial donation through CSSD. Would you like to know how much money I received? $0.00!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
November 2, 2023

























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