Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي For Hossein Ronaghi About Threats of Security Forces of IRI Islamic Regime
Sam Ghandchi

برای حسین رونقی در مورد تهدیدهای نیروهای امنیتی رژیم اسلامی

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Today I saw a tweet from my friend Mr. Hossein Ronaghi where he has written that again, threats by security forces of Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) has started! As my friends know I am still busy with cancer and soon will have a 'PSMA PET scan' and do not know what will be next, and am not active on the Internet and also when I was active basically did not reply and do not send messages in social networks like Twitter and Facebook and I have no contact with Mr. Hossein Ronaghi and read all news on the Internet and if my health allows again will discuss my views on my site. Therefore, let me write my opinion about the above matter especially for awareness of those in charge of protection of 'special interests of Islamic clergy' in this Islamic regime! If the power in Iran falls into the hands of armed forces, whether they be IRGC or the army, not only for the opposition but also for this clergy itself, it will be the worst situation because military regimes just like the clerical regimes, consider a specific group in society, i.e. the military personnel, as their natural supporter and their base, in reality or in imagination of that social group, provide for their special interests, and such regimes are even harder to change than absolute monarchies! Examples of such regimes were plenty in Latin American before the fall of Soviet Union and were and still are abundant in the Middle East; it is enough to remember the history of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya and many other regimes in the region  during the last century. Thus the reality that in Iran the likes of Hossein Ronaghi whom with their activities in civil society movement help the growth of democracy in society are always a help for this clergy too because if the situation changes to a military regime, of any kind, this clergy itself will end up in a situation just like the supporters of former regime in the 1979 Revolution, but by another social group with special privileges, namely the military! Why do you repress so much the likes of Hossein Ronaghi who are a hope like Nelson Mandela for future of Iran, when these supporters of human rights in Iran will be a help to the future of this clergy themselves who are the recipients of special benefits in this regime and after a military coup will be crushed under the military boots, whether the military of IRGC or the regular army or those who are connected elsewhere! Military regimes consider *special rights* for military personnel, just like the Islamic regime that considers *special privileges* for the clergy! Do not open the way for military state and stop the strengthening of suppression by the security forces and allow in this Twenty First Century Revolution of Iran, just like South Africa, a Peaceful Transition to Progress and Democracy with a civilian government to take shape! With the best wishes for all and a pity that continuation of my illness does not allow me to be active on the Internet!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
June 8, 2023

























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