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Sam Ghandchi

مارکس، فلاسفه و تغییر، اما چگونه

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Marx in a famous passage in his 'Theses on Feuerbach,' says: "The philosophers have merely *interpreted* the world in various ways; the point, however, is to *change* it", (Karl Marx, 'Theses on Feuerbach', Charles Lewis Edition, 1903, P. 133)! It is ironic that the most ardent critic of Marx, namely Karl Popper, has actually shown the way to go about it, i.e. *how to achieve the change*, at least philosophically! Popper's theory of falsification is a perpetual approach to exercise change by scientists when a scientist proposes a theory, and at the same time s/he defines how the theory can be falsified, and all scientists including her/himself, will try to falsify the theory! But there is more to the world and changing it, and scientific method as long as its focus is on observation, can never really achieve what it strives to find! I believe what Ivo van Vulpen describes as the approach of particle physicists at CERN when doing scientific work, is really how real change can be achieved! I tried to discuss this three years ago in my book 'A Walnut under the Microscope: Science, Religion, Philosophy and Change' but did not follow much! I believe my friend, Ray Kurzweil's work on Technological Singularity is the way to go about this, i.e. changing the world! I look forward to publication of Kurzweil's 'Singulaity is Nearer' due to be published next year in September 2024, and hoping to learn from Ray's answer to this dilemma especially as far as the future of human species is being discussed!


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