Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Open Letter to Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay
Sam Ghandchi

نامه ی سرگشاده به نازنین افشین جم مک کی

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Dear Ms. Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay,


I do not know you personally but on your twitter account you have introduced yourself as a human rights activist and the 'co-founder of Stop Child Executions.'*


The individual who runs your 'Stop Child Executions' as you have announced it many times on the Internet, ruined the life of me and my family in 2007 because of his political differences with me, using his connections with the US government to stop me from becoming a regular employee at VOA where I worked and now at an old age when I am dealing with cancer, I am suffering because of what that man did to my life. He pretended to be pro-monarchy and wanted to force me to become a bridge between the Iranian monarchists and Heshmat Tabarzadi's organization which he actually represented in secret at that time. He worked together with a weblog called sarbaze-kuchak. When I moved from California to Washington DC in 2005, I was promised to have a fulltime position with VOA but after what your partner in 'Stop Child Executions' who according to your words runs the whole operation did to me using his government connections, not only VOA refused to make me a regular employee, but I easily lost my contract with VOA in 2013 when the Obama Administration no longer supported the Green Movement. And not only I lost my job at VOA, I could not get Security Clearance which is a *must* for almost any job in Washington DC and my requests were continuously rejected and even my family were no longer able to receive security clearance and lost many job opportunities. Because I did not want to stop my political and human rights activities, I had to use my half a million dollars of inheritance to continue work and now at the old age with cancer, I am destitute and suffering all because of what this man did to me because of political differences. Is this what you advocate as human rights in the future for Iranian people? Your partner ruined my life in the heart of a 250-year-old democracy of USA, what can Iranian people expect from people like him if we start a newborn democracy soon in Iran! He had no decency even to try to make up for the wrong he did to me and my family and just denied all these facts when talking to people who know him and about this situation. I could not afford to get a lawyer to take him to court. Late Dr. Cyrus Amouzgar asked me not to announce the man's name and I did not and I really did not ask why he did not want me to announce this man's name and he has now passed away and cannot ask him why, but this partner of yours in my eyes is a criminal and if I could afford it, I would take him to court for the damages he caused to my life. He chased me in Jebhe BB in 2003 long before I was hired at VOA and wanted to force me to comply with his will to be the bridge between Heshmat Tabarzadi's organization and Iranian monarchists and when I was hired by VOA two years later in 2005 he continued to try to force me to do that and when in 2007 I had two interviews with VOA, he tried to stop VOA from interviewing me and was successful and if it were not for the decency of two VOA directors of the time, Sheila Ganji and Kambiz Mahmoudi and a friend of mine, I would have even lost my VOA contract in 2007 and not in 2013! All these actions and later making US government not to give me security clearance were criminal actions by this individual using his connection in the US government because I did not want to comply with his desires! You can check all I am writing here with the directors of VOA at that time who are fortunately still alive. Future democratic Iran cannot be built by individuals like that man who has no respect for human dignity and still calls himself a human rights activist! He is a disgrace to human rights, Iran and Iranians! Last year when my cancer came back and I had to take care of more medical bills, copays, etc, if it were not for the financial help from an American scientist friend of mine that I barely survived, I would have been on the street and the root cause of all this was this person who is your partner. Is this the future you want to build for Iranian people? Just take a look at my resume, and you can see that only because I chose to move to DC to work full time on Iran issues after VOA promised me a regular job, I fell into all this spiraling financial problems because of what this man did to me due to political differences!



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
February 5, 2023

























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