Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Name of the Individual who Ruined my Life in the U.S. because of Political Differences
Sam Ghandchi

نام کسی که زندگی من را در آمریکا به خاطر اختلاف سیاسی نابود کرد

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Name of the Individual who Ruined my Life because of Political Differences



I have written before that a certain individual because of political differences with me used his contacts with the US government agencies and created false information about me and stopped me from becoming a full time employee at VOA for eight years, and finally not having a job protection being a contract worker, I easily even lost my work contract with VOA as a journalist at the end of December 2012. And not only that, ever since that time, me and all members of my family were not able to receive security clearance for any government jobs, something which is the requirement for almost any professional job in the D.C. area; and in this old age I am left with nothing and have to live with the small social security income which I built before working at VOA, plus some sporadic grants I receive from time to time, whereas I was one of the top journalists of VOA! This individual never tried to compensate me for the damages he caused me and my family, which exceeds half a million dollars. He was a representative of a political organization based in Iran headed by Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi and anything this man does is with Mr. Tabarzadi's knowledge. I promised late Dr. Cyrus Amouzgar * not to announce the name of this individual and will not do so! I just want everyone to know that if for any reason I pass away, and any need comes up, two dear friends of mine know this individual: Dr. Esmail Nooriala and Dr. Morteza Anvari.


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