Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Once Again about Some Hackers Attacking my Site
Sam Ghandchi

دوباره در مورد چند هکر که به سایتم حمله می کنند

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Dear Friends, I have written several times about cyber attacks on my web site, and also hackers trying to change content on my site. Frankly I think they may have various agenda! Yesterday I saw one of my sub domains ( had a weird file in it which I had never seen and it seemed like something to frame me up, but before I was able to read it carefully, or copy it, as I had to do some other work, it disappeared, i.e. it was deleted from my web hosting server and was never in any of my backups! I cannot understand all these hacking activities against me. These are similar attempts to what the sarbazekuchak blog, and someone who worked with them, did to me, which I explained a month ago about the political connections of that individual without saying his name, who tried to get me fired from VOA, 15 years ago, and they destroyed my personal life at this old age when I am dealing with cancer, as I lost half a million dollars of family inheritance because I lost my job at VOA, while still wanted to continue journalism and since I was not able to get a security clearance, I could not get a job in Washington DC and spent all my personal assets to be able to continue journalism in DC, and I have explained it all on the Internet before and nothing more to say.


I think whoever these people are, they surely have hackers working for them who know about computers and the Internet a lot more than I do, and surely they have the latest equipment and Internet tools and services that I definitely do not have, and I cannot stop them. I have the cheapest web-hosting plan possible and in case they destroy my site, I will not be able to do much. I have nothing to hide from anyone and all my political thoughts have openly been discussed on the Internet for 30 years. The worst case is that my website will be destroyed by these people the same way they destroyed my life, but my writings will survive on various Internet archives and no matter how many fake documents they create to present them as mine, people will be able to tell between genuine works and fake articles of imposters, the same way I showed a few days ago a fake document about Masih Alinejad by similar type of hackers that were being spread on the Internet. Truth will not remain behind the cloud for long. These dishonest people work hard just to hurt people and do not have the guts or ideas to come forward and present their own views, or grudge, whatever it is. These people are simply criminals like hitmen and all they do is for position and money. I have reported these cyber attacks to FBI for many years, as you have seen the reports on my site about these incidents with date and time for years. All the Best!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

April 17,















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