Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي A Conspiracy against Ms. Masih Alinejad Using a Fake Document
Sam Ghandchi

توطئه ای علیه خانم مسیح علینژاد با استفاده از مدرکی جعلی

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Dear Friends, As you know I am dealing with cancer and need to get some rest but instead been dealing with a tough situation of moving, etc.; there is no need to repeat writing about my personal situation which leaves me with very little time! Nonetheless in the last two days I posted on twitter in Persian and in English to inform you not to fall for the fake document that is being spread on the Internet against Ms. Masih Alinejad!


The fake document tries to make you believe as if the work of Ms. Masih Alinejad has been noted in the document of US Congress late last year alongside the report of the wrongdoings of Ms. Setareh Deraskhshesh, which is not true at all!


Last year, I had explained about the real US Congress document, in the postscripts of my article entitled 'Setareh Derakhshesh: Truth Stranger than Fiction;' please study those details with full attention to see the lies, allegations and rumors propagated by the fake document going around on the Internet against Ms. Masih Alinejad; the allegations against Ms. Masih Alinejad are totally false and there is no mention of Masih Alinejad in the real US Congress document!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

April 2,















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