Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Secularism: Ordinary People vs Intellectuals
Sam Ghandchi

سکولاریسم: مردم عادی در مقایسه با روشنفکران

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I just thought of the following and felt appropriate to share it with all my readers at this time of World New Year celebrations although as noted yesterday, I have stopped all my publishing activity for now! Over the years I have written a lot about Secularism and especially one of my first writings about this topic entitled 'What is Secularism,' details the experience of American people in successfully building a secular state and society from the time of 1775 Revolution; and thanks to my friend Dr. Esmail Nooriala, the Persian version of that paper was well-edited many years ago among other works of secularism that were promoted thru Dr. Esmail Nooriala's extensive activities in spearheading secularism among the Iranian Community at the 'Center for studies on Secular Democracy.'  What I want to mention here is a very simple observation offered by my all time "guru," the late Marvin Minsky whom I always thought of Ray Kurzweil, as Marvin Minsky's protégé and hope my dear friend Ray does not object to my wording! I am just quoting Minsky here from memory because I do not have his book 'Society of Mind' in front of me at this moment. Late Marvin Minsky in his book 'Society of Mind' says something about ordinary people that I always remember. As I recall from that book he says something like this, that most ordinary people give up very early in life to think about so-called existential questions and leave them to an institution like the Church and just pay a visit there once a week. He also makes another observation about ordinary people and politics, by saying ordinary people stop thinking about politics very early in life and leave it to political institutions such as political parties and in Western democracies, people just go to the ballot box once every fours years or so to elect their political representatives. And he notes this is how ordinary people find the time to take care of other things in their life, things which they focus on! It seems to me Marvin Minsky's observation basically shows the difference of how ordinary people relate to secularism versus the intellectuals.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

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