Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي To FBI: About Google Groups
Sam Ghandchi

برای اطلاع اف بی آی: درباره ی گوگل گروپز

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to-FBI: About Google Groups




An individual or more of Google Admins including those for Googlegroups continuously disrupt my submissions, including deletion of my posts from hezb-e ayandehnegar googlegroups listing. To all subscribers of the list which was created about 20 years ago and new subscribers are not accepted, from day one they were informed that if they do not like to receive even one article sent, they can leave the list. Also the list is **announce-only** and is not a discussion list! Therefore, if anybody sends spam report, it is for disrupting the list, and google has the duty if they receive spam report from anybody, to remove them from the list and google has been informed about this many times. Those who send false spam reports are just a few Islamic Republic of Iran's Agents who have infiltrated the list to disrupt the list and it should be easy for google to figure out  their IP address from their spam report emails. They send spam reports to google and at the same time make cyberattack on my home Internet when they dislike any of my posts. Today this disruption of removing my posts happened at least 10 times by google admins. Please investigate and take the necessary action. The following is the address of heze-ayandehnegar listing on googlegroups:


Recently similar disruptions are also seen in Google (and Bing) with my search engine submissions. Thank you for your help.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

November 28,















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