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احتیاج به استراحت دارم

P.S. 12/27/21: Futurism: Regime Change in Iran to Secular Democracy

P.S. 12/14/21: Dear Friends, As I wrote in the following note a month ago, I have a lot of pain and with this situation, need to move to a low-income housing now. It is unfortunate not to be active at this time of great changes in Iran, but I have to stop all my activities! My thanks to my dear friend Dr. Esmail Nooriala for being on my side helping me during all this difficult period of my life! Do not trust those who did all this to me because of their political differences at VOA. They just want to use people to win! I am sure Iranian Secular Democratic Party under the leadership of Dr. Esmail Nooriala is a trustworthy organization. Dr. Esmail Nooriala is an honest person and I trust other ISDP leaders Mahmoud Abtahi, Sepideh Ghiasvand, and Bijan Atashinjan who are now also the editors of futurist party page (iranscope-dot-com) and the related social networks and I applaud their honest work over the years and they will do better than myself, in addition to their ongoing work at ISD Party. Esmail Nooriala and those he chooses to work with, are not the kind of people only to show up when people's movement is shining, to show off, while disappearing when the movement declines and needs self-sacrifice to recoup itself; otherwise do not last in his team; these friends during the tough times, pull up their sleeves and help the movement to get its energy back again! With the best wishes. SG


P.S. 11/28/21: Just to let you know-in Persian

P.S. 11/23/21: Two Choices Beyond Kurzweil's Singularity

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Dear Friends, As you may recall, three years ago, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and removed it; nonetheless, about 10 months ago my cancer came back, and in the last few months I was busy with this situation, and had to do hormonal/radiation therapy which was successfully completed two weeks ago. Currently there is nothing else I can do, although having a lot of pain. During the last two weeks, I did not follow doctor's order to rest:) Now I need to get some rest and also hopefully in the next few weeks will move to a low-income-housing apartment, and whatever will come next! I would like to wish the best for all of you as we soon will start the year 2022!



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

November 12,















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