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Sam Ghandchi

احتیاج به استراحت دارم

P.S. 11/23/21: Two Choices Beyond Kurzweil's Singularity

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Dear Friends, As you may recall, three years ago, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and removed it; nonetheless, about 10 months ago my cancer came back, and in the last few months I was busy with this situation, and had to do hormonal/radiation therapy which was successfully completed two weeks ago. Currently there is nothing else I can do, although having a lot of pain. During the last two weeks, I did not follow doctor's order to rest:) Now I need to get some rest and also hopefully in the next few weeks will move to a low-income-housing apartment, and whatever will come next! I would like to wish the best for all of you as we soon will start the year 2022!



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

November 12,















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