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Kurzweil's Mind-Making, My Blind Thinking, and Euclid's Achievement

Sam Ghandchi

بنجامین وَردو درباره ی ابوالوفا محمد بوزجانی

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Yesterday, I published an article entitled 'Kurzweil's Mind-Making, My Blind Thinking, and Euclid's Achievement' where I mentioned a new book by Benjamin Wardhaugh entitled 'Encounters with Euclid: How an Ancient Greek Geometry Text Shaped the World'! I should mention a very informative chapter in that book about Abu al-Wafa Buzjani, a Persian mathematician who lived around 1000 AD. Buzjani was from Buzhgan which is near Torbat-e Jam in Iran and lived his life in Baghdad. At the time, Buyeh, although did not pronounce the end of Abbasids, but defeated Khalif and ruled in Baghdad and Iran for a century, more than 200 years before the final overthrow of Abbasids by the mogol ruler Hulagu Khan! Benjamin Wardhaugh has an excellent presentation of Buzjani's contributions to Geometry and Trigonometry in the book and what was the most interesting for me to read is how Abu al-Wafa Buzjani would have meetings with artisans who built the outstanding architectural works of that period and would correct their geometric errors.


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