sam-ghandchi Modified Capitalism, Modified Socialism, and Kurzweilian Futurism

Kurzweil's Technological Singularity and New Variant to Meet Human Needs

Sam Ghandchi

سرمایه داری تعدیل شده، سوسیالیسم تعدیل شده، و آینده نگری کرزوایلی

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Perhaps dominance of capitalism in a single country dates back to almost four centuries ago in Europe when the rule of parliament prevailed in United Kingdom in 1649 at the end of 1640-1648 English Civil Wars. And a century later the most important capitalist country to this day, i.e. USA, was formed in the North American continent. But during the last century with the advent of Welfare State in Europe, we have witnessed a phenomena which I call 'Modified-Capitalism,' in Western Europe, where different Socialist and Social Democratic Parties play a major role in the life of these European capitalist countries and have made many modifications to Laissez-faire Capitalism towards social justice, using the state apparatus to fulfill people's needs. Even in the USA, the New Deal of President Franklin Roosevelt was a major modification of capitalism which included Medicare and unemployment benefits, and in our times, we have witnessed the introduction of Affordable Care Act by President Obama nicknamed as ObamaCare, as another major modification of capitalism in the United States of America. And today the strong presence of progressive socialists in US Congress is similar to the efforts of socialist parties in Europe during the last century. On the other hand, after the fall of Soviet Union, similar modifications to capitalism have happened in major Latin American countries too, i.e. countries such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina! At the same time, with the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, two of the most important communist countries, namely China and Russia have been modified too and we see the growth of capitalist enterprises in China and Russia when the latter does not even call itself socialist anymore. The modified capitalism and socialism is not limited to developed countries like the European countries, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, China and Russia, and many countries that used to be called "Third World" such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore have also become modified capitalist countries where the Left in South Korea does not seek a totalitarian program like what we still see in North Korea, rather, similar to the American progressive socialists, the Left in South Korea, strives for social justice in a market economy! It seems like this reality of modified capitalist and socialist countries will be with us for a while! True that the new civilization beyond Technological Singularity which is developing in the world is explicated by Kurzweilian Futurism, as discussed in details by this author in a book entitled 'New Variant to Meet Human Needs,' but till then, it seems like many countries in the world may either opt-in for modified capitalism or for a modified socialism! At the same time, seems like in most countries in the African continent, there is a lack of clear direction at this juncture of history! And unfortunately a worse situation we are witnessing in regions like the Middle East, where many countries have chosen to go back to pre-industrial Islamist programs enforced by the pressure from IslamicKKK, as we have seen in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf states as well as countries like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Libya, Tunisia, Morocco in the Middle East and North Africa!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
October 12, 2021


















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