sam-ghandchi A Comment: Bret Stetka's Book about Evolution of Brain

Bret Stetka: A History of the Human Brain: From the Sea Sponge to CRISPR, How Our Brain Evolved

Sam Ghandchi

یک کامنت: کتاب برت استتکا درباره ی تکامل مغز

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Yesterday I read a book by Bret Stetka entitled 'A History of the Human Brain: From the Sea Sponge to CRISPR, How Our Brain Evolved.' The book had very interesting up-to-date information of studies regarding the evolution of human brain (e.g. I found the note of book's author about Octopus having nine brains and even some scientists in 2018 issued an announcement considering it to be an alien species, was interesting); and like many other books about human brain it shows the superiority of human brain to other animals which is fine. My issue is that the best human brain has been able to do so far is to understand the laws of nature and create structures based on that knowledge which we call technology that, do not take me wrong, is a great achievement thanks to centuries of scientific research, that I also discussed 36 years ago in a paper entitled 'Intelligent Tools.' But if we look at our understanding of the world, the best still is 'Stephen Hawking, James Hartle and Thomas Hertog's The No Boundary Proposal' which was noted four years ago in 'Many Paths Beyond Singularity as Proposed by Kurzweil,' when discussing Ray Kurzweil's Singularity! In other words, we have not been able to create something that would have its own so-called "laws of nature!" One may argue that ourselves being a product of nature, cannot do such a thing and they may be right, but none-the-less this is a reality about our brain no matter how unequaled it has been. In other words, if we reverse engineer this brain, maybe the best we can hope for would be a more evolved version of what we have achieved during the previous millions of years, and in a shorter time span but not an intelligence fundamentally different capable of creating a "universe" with other universal parameters, and until then we have no way to view the universe we have understood so far, in a real objective way. We simply need a fundamentally new brain or intelligence to be able to do that! No wonder Descartes in his 'Private Thoughts' wrote "The Lord has made three marvels: things out of nothing-ness; free will; and the Man who is God." Again need to repeat, please do not take me wrong, I am not proposing one more religion to provide an answer for this dilemma, I wrote years ago that if I were looking for a religion, would choose Buddhism, although Buddhism also has had its own share of atrocieties like Islam, Christianity and other religions! And have written my thoughts about 'God' in a paper entitled 'The God and Us,' a long time ago!


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Sam Ghandchi
October 2, 2021


















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