sam-ghandchi Futurist Party Page (iranscope-dot-com): Last Update of Second Series

Iran's Futurist Party

Sam Ghandchi

صفحه حزب آینده نگر (ایرانسکوپ-دات-کام): آخرین به روزرسانیِ دوره ی دوم

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As noted in this author's biography, the iranscope-dot-com started in August of 1999 and for two years it was an independent site but later I forwarded the page from my personal site. Two years later in July 2001, I wrote the Futurist Party Platform and after two more years in September 2004, published it as the last section of my book entitled Futurist Iran, and 19 years after the first edition, I wrote Supplement 2020 of the suggested Futurist Party Platform. During the first two years I created two mailing lists entitled 'future' and 'iranscope' to discuss the topic and later they evolved into two blogs by the names of 'Futurist blog' and 'Iranscope Blog' and after that, those blogs evolved into "Persian Futurist Party Facebook Page' and 'English Futurist Party Facebook Page' and also into the 'English and Persian Twitter Page of Futurist Party' and the 'IranscopeEnglish Twitter'. In August of 2003, for the first time I created the Futurist Party Page within the free Google websites but the address I created in the Internet (sites-dot-google-dot-com/site/futuristparty) was unfortunately practically lost because of some changes in the Google's free web pages in recent years and I was forced after 17 years to move that page to my personal site at the following address (; to see the archive of the first series of futurist party page, please click here. In fact, the beginning of the second series of Iran's Futurist Party page was 9 months ago when I did not renew the iranscope-dot-com domain and fortunately Iranian Secular Democratic Party purchased the domain which I explained at that time. During the last 9 months I updated the Futurist Party (iranscope-dot-com) page to the best I could and for the last update, please click here! Also to access the 'archive of second series,' of futurist party page, please click here. But because of illness I am not able to update this page and the facebook and twitter accounts of Iran's Futurist Party and you can see the addresses of those pages at the top of the last update of iranscope-dot-com. I am very happy that three of the leaders of Iranian Secular Democratic Party (Sepideh Ghiasvand, Bijan Atashinjan and Mahmoud Abtahi) have accepted to update those social network pages. Also I am sure the ISDP friends who are owners of iranscope-dot-com page will start the next series of the Futurist Party Page at the iranscope-dot-com address in the near future and till that time you will continue to see the last update and archives of the Futurist Party page at the iranscope-dot-com address. If this author is cured and I have more life ahead of me surely in addition to my personal website, I will try to contribute to the Futurist Party page (iranscope-dot-com), and I have no doubt that with the leadership of Iranian Secular Democratic Party and its founder Dr. Esmail Nooriala, all those activities will go forward much better than the past and with my best wishes for all friends.



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
Sept 20, 2021


















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