sam-ghandchi From Darwin to Kurzweil

Sam Ghandchi

از داروین تا کرزوایل

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Over the years I have written how much I am indebted to Ray Kurzweil, but one thing I would like to note here is that although Kurzweil is a prominent visionary in the area of Visionary Futurism, but his works are not philosophical speculations, and are scientific works just like Charles Darwin and watching a 2009 video lecture of Ray, shows it well! If Darwin made scientific research about the past of human species, Kurzweil has done the same about our future! In fact, both Darwin and Kurzweil, while being scientists, did not limit science to observation and the *how* questions and had *why* questions under consideration in science as well, a topic I have tried to discuss in 'A Walnut under the Microscope: Science, Religion, Philosophy and Change.' In other words, 'Kurzweilian Futurism' is not anything more than a scientific worldview!


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Sam Ghandchi
August 12, 2021


















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