sam-ghandchi This Pen: From Iran's Green Movement to Uprisings of Dec17, Nov19, July21

Sam Ghandchi

این قلم: از جنبش سبز تا خیزش دیماه 96، آبان 98 و تیرماه 1400

PS 08/01/21: I need to note that George Harrison who is mentioned in this article, at that time, belonged to TM (Transcendental Meditation) which I never supported; and actually 27 years ago I wrote my opinion about such groups and similar currents in a paper entitled 'Futurism versus Cults of the Past,' and in that article, referred the readers for further study, to a book entitled 'Snapping' written by Flo Conway and Jim Sieglemann! SG

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this-pen- این-قلم


It may seem strange but in the last 12 years from the days of Iran's Green Movement in 2009, to the dawn of Dec 2017 uprising, to the beginning of Nov 2019 uprising, and this week with the start of 2021 Uprising in Iran's Khuzestan that has spread to the whole country, each time I write about Iran's 21st Century revolution, I think of lyrics of George Harrison's song "while my guitar gently weeps," and it is enough to replace the word "guitar" with the word "pen" in the lyrics and my point will be evident! Sometimes with great sadness I think maybe those arrested in these events, preferred to die in the street protests rather than fall into the hands of regime's murderers who as the late Navid Afkari put it, 'they seek a neck for their rope,' and as Mr. Faraj Sarkohi reminded us ten days ago: 'lasting literature of any language sometimes is not shaped by authors, poets, or artists, and is rather created by the people!' During these days of 2021 Uprising in Iran, what worries me is the danger noted about six months ago in an article entitled 'International Community Needs to Stop a Bloodbath in Iran.' In other words, if the IslamicKKK regime of Iran (IRI), in these last days, commits something like Tiananmen, international community needs to consider the action of those shooting unarmed protesters and the ones issuing execution orders, to be crimes against humanity, the same way as just announced by Mr. Iraj Mesdaghi, an indictment has been issued for trial of Hamid Nouri in Sweden, who was an IRI former judge accused of crimes against humanity for the 1989 prisoner executions in Iran and was arrested when traveling to Sweden.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
July 27, 2021


















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