sam-ghandchi A Note for Reza Pahlavi and Shahriar Ahy about Futurist Party
Sam Ghandchi
یادداشتی برای رضا پهلوی و شهریار آهی درباره ی حزب آینده نگر

(Please note that during the last 4 months since this article was written, several postscripts were added to the Persian version. SG 07/26/21)

پی نوشت 29 تیر ماه 1400: تصورات نادرست درباه ی رهبری انقلاب 21 در ایران

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On March 17, 2021, I listened to the historic speech of Mr. Reza Pahlavi from Iran-TCC website and I hope the video gets translated accurately to English and published, not reporters' interpretation, because it has a great historic value. At the time, I wrote my view about it in an article entitled 'Reza Pahlavi's Historic Speech Rejecting Hereditary Government.' The same day as the speech, Dr. Shahriar Ahy had a very noteworthy TV talk about Mr. Pahlavi's historic speech. The reality is that Dr. Shahriar Ahy five years ago in an interview, to achieve exit of the dead-end of Islamic so-called "Republic," was ready to talk to Ayatollah Khamenei, but unfortunately IRI did not want to find a peaceful solution to Iran's situation. Also this author, two days ago wrote a note entitled 'To Ayatollah Khamenei: The Dilemma of your Regime will not be Fixed by New Nuclear Threats,' and I too still hope to find a solution like South Africa, when Nelson Mandela with a simple 'Abolition of Apartheid,' plan, became the president in that country, and in Iran, during the next two months, a presidential candidate with a simple plan for 'Full Separation of State and Religion,' could open up a new way in Iran, i.e. to save Iran, and as noted before, 'we do not want elimination!' Nonetheless, the facts as far as it concerns the opposition, to change the Islamic regime to a secular democratic and futurist republic, forming United Front organizations, has been pursued for years, and will be continued, and at the moment the most important of such efforts, is executed by Iran-TCC for which Dr. Shahriar Ahi is the spokesperson. The reality is that Iran-TCC and similar efforts, try to create a unity among opposition forces that have fought the Islamic regime in the last 42 years. There is no doubt that this kind of activity is necessary to pass the Islamic Republic, but it is not enough. Iranian society needs big parties which Iran perhaps had only once in its history and that was the Tudeh Party which became a toy in the hands of Stalin's Russia. But today's need, is a party that can include all Iranian people, and as discussed yesterday, this does not mean shutting down other parties, and also it is not to deny the need for continuation of the united front type organizational activities like Iran-TCC, but they will be complementary and exactly the success of such efforts needs the continuous support of TCC friends like Messrs. Shahriar Ahy and Hassan Shariatmadari. Now is the time that with the leadership of Mr. Reza Pahlavi to work to plan convening founding congress of the Futurist Party. Founding of the Futurist Party, as discussed yesterday, not only does not mean the shutting down of other parties and organizations, but the futurist party itself, just like the Democratic Party or Republican Party of USA, will have various factions! For example, take a look at the US Democratic Party that after almost 250 years, its 'Rainbow' faction led by Jesse Jackson, played a significant role in the success of that party in several elections! In other words, forming the 'Futurist Party' neither means shutting down other parties, nor the existence of that party is to deny various factions, and btw, the party, welcomes internal factions, and moreover, as discussed five years ago, 'the Platform of Futurist Party is not binding.' Thus when we use the word 'party,' please do not think of it as a Leninist party, a type of understanding of party that is commonplace in contemporary Iran. In contrast to Leninist parties, a good living example of encompassing parties we have in mind, are the two main political parties of the USA, Democratic Party and the Republican Party, when in both of them, the party platform is not binding! In fact, friends such as Esmail Nooriala, during the last 5 years, when they organized Iranian Secular Democratic Party (ISDP), and Mehestan of Secular Democracy, can lead forming this new effort and I hope it happens soon, ISDP to work like an engine for this new effort; because today, in the realm of Iranian politics, a big party encompassing people of Iran is needed, and the united front of small groups and gatherings, although necessary and useful, but such organizations are not enough for the future change of Iran to a real secular democratic and futurist republic, take place!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 3, 2021
















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