sam-ghandchi An Invitation to All Friends to Review Futurist Party/ Site
Sam Ghandchi
دعوتی از همه ی دوستان برای مرور سایت حزب آینده نگر/ایرانسکوپ-دات-کام

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Dear Friends,


As I wrote 3 months ago, I do not own '' site anymore and it belongs to Iranian Secular Democratic Party (ISDP). I have just been helping to keep the site and its archive up-to-date. Currently the site contains documents related to plans for founding a Secular Democratic & Futurist Republican Party of Iran (EnglishFB and PersianFB). Such a plan does not mean that we expect for Iran to have only one futurist party, but it is hoped this particular party to be similar to Jefferson's 'Democratic Republican Party' that was founded at the time of American Revolution and later changed name to 'Democratic Party of USA' which exists to this day, and it never stopped other political parties in the U.S. to form and compete, and as we know, during the Civil War era, the Republican Party under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln led the nation with its own futuristic outlook and plans to end slavery. At any rates, I would like to suggest to all friends to review the documents in the iranscope-dot-com/futurist party site and archive and hope to see the formation of this party in the near future. Such a party will look more like the current Democratic Party or Republican Party in the USA, rather than being a small group. I need to note that Supplement 2020 of Futurist Party Platform was published 10 months ago!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 31, 2021
















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