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Sam Ghandchi

درباره ی لانگهالرها یا مبتلایان بلندمدت کرونا

P.S. 02/15/23: I wrote the following article a little over 2 years ago. Recently an old friend of mine late futurist Mohammad Amini sadly died of 'Long Covid.' I just read a very informative article in Scientific American about this disease entitled 'Long COVID Now Looks like a Neurological Disease, Helping Doctors to Focus Treatments,' and thought to share the link with my readers! The noted article is definitely a worthwhile reading. All the Best, SG

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Recently there is a lot of news in the press about patients who are called Covid-19 Long-Hauler; they are people who have been Corona patients but after testing *negative*, many symptoms like 'brain fog' continue to linger on. I am not a biologist, but it seems to me either this phenomena is related to the individual's nervous system, genetics or blood type, or it is related to certain types of mutation of Corona virus which they had contracted in the first place! If it is the first case, it could be like addiction, a condition that different people have various degrees of predisposition for becoming addicted to different things, and it is hard to predict how long it may take for different individuals to overcome the condition. Maybe I am wrong in the way I view this phenomena but the population affected with this situation are a very significant percentage of the total population of former patients and needs to be addressed more seriously.


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