Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Federalism: Open Letter to Abdullah Mohtadi and Yazdan Shohadai
Sam Ghandchi
فدرالیسم: نامه ی سرگشاده به عبدالله مهتدی و یزدان شهدایی

پی نوشت چهارم دی ماه 1399: کنگره ایران فدرال و فتنه گرهایی که هروقت اتحادی شکل گیرد از هوا سبز می شوند

پی نوشت دوم دی ماه 1399: کردستان رهبر ما است، ایران کشور ما است

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Dear Friends Mr. Abdullah Mohtadi and Mr. Yazdan Shohadai,


You as two leaders from Iran's Komala Party and Iran's Democratic Party of Kurdistan are in the Iran Transition Council and officially represent the position of 'federalism' in that organization. You know well, how much this author supports removal of ethnic discrimination in Iran. Today, you represent two social democratic parties supporting the Second International and your members mostly either live in Iran's Kurdistan or have lived there. In fact, Democratic Party of Kurdistan at the time of Qazi Muhammad, supported the position of 'autonomy' that was planned by Stalin's Soviet Union, and if it had actually taken shape, it would have generated a fiefdom in Iran, nonetheless, after Iran's 1979 Revolution, 'autonomy' was the position pursued by both your parties when the Kurdish negotiation team sat down twice with representatives of the provisional government of Mehdi Bazargan in Kurdistan. I have written my critique of the 'autonomy' position 8 years ago, and there is nothing new to add, and today both your parties have abandoned 'autonomy of Kurdistan' position and there is no need to discuss it anymore. But the position of 'federalism' with the purpose of removing ethnic discrimination is pursued by both your parties. As I wrote in details in an articles 2 years ago, removing ethnic discrimination does not need federalism! In reality, what is being discussed as federalism in Iran, in English, is referred to as confederacy, confederation or confederalism which was discussed in details, 11 years ago, as a recipe for a civil war in Iran. In fact, in the past, the idea of creating Confederacies was pursued by Pan-Iranists and specifically the late Dariush Forouhar and this is why he always had contacts with PKK of Turkey because he believed that all Kurdistan lands in the region should join Iran, as they have been part of the ancient Iran Plateau and the Kurdish language is an Iranian language. Not only Kurdish political parties of Iran never supported any Confederacy of Iran Plateau, also the Kurdish parties of Iraq who were pragmatic politicians like other Iraqi politicians, never had any tendency for Confederate ideas, and to this day, although three years ago Barzani's Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) intended to separate from Iraq, but there was never any talk of Confederacy. Moreover, Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government never showed any interest with regards to the plans for Greater Kurdistan by PKK of Turkey and PJAK, the Iranian branch of PKK. At any rates, the discussion of Federalism in Iran which is like the Confederacy idea of Southern States of USA in the Civil War of 1860's, is meaningless for Iran, because Iran is not made of separate units for us to unite it by federalism or by Confedercy, and we do not desire to unite the former countries of Iran Plateau into one county which is what some Pan-Iranists believe, and today these false discussions are seriously damaging the unity of Iran's opposition, and the result is not what the late Dariush Forouhar understood of it, meaning the unity of Iran Plateau, and all these talks only cause discussions of separatism in Iran's political movement and scares the people from Iranian liberals and strengthens conservative political trends and groups who have no respect for removing ethnic discriminations. Personally I consider myself guilty in this regard because of supporting federalism in my book of 40 years ago entitled 'Kurds and Formation of Central Government in Iran' and three years ago I corrected my mistake and published a communiqué entitled 'Announcing Change of Position to Opposing any form of Federalism for Iran,' where noted my new position rejecting any forms of federalism for Iran; although personally never supported ethnic federalism and always supported 'provincial federalism.'  But still my position was wrong because Iran is not composed of separate units needing to be united by federalism and we do not believe in any kind of confederacy of countries of Iranian Plateau to annex to Iran. Basic point here is that whatever idea of 'federalism' in Iran, it has become synonymous with 'break up of Iran' and has created a huge wedge within Iranian opposition, a wedge that gets deeper every day. If you find the time, please read an article published by this author just three weeks ago, to see the depth of this catastrophe! I ask you two friends and your respective political parties, to drop 'federalism' which not only is not helping Kurdistan, but is a wrong position, and its meaning for Iran, is confederacy similar to what burned America in a Civil War in 1860's, and will only cause a lot of useless fights, and will further break up Iranian opposition, and just helps the Islamic Regime of Iran to stay longer in power.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
November 19, 2020
















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