Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Two Futurist Sites: Futurism-dot-com and Lifeboat-dot-com
Sam Ghandchi

دو سایت آینده نگر: فیوچریسم-دات-کام و لایفبوت-دات-کام

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Dear Friends, I would like to introduce two futurist sites to you: and  I have been following Futurism-dot-com for over a year and found it to be very up-to-date and scientific, while being very original, thought-provoking and timely in the materials it offers. The other site, i.e. Lifeboat-dot-com, is the website of Lifeboat Foundation which has a long history and this author has had the honor of being on their Futurist Advisory Board for years. Lifeboat which means something like emergency boat or could be resembled to Noah's Arc, follows a wide range of different areas of future, and I love their Lifeboat Weblog a lot and read it almost everyday. I wish the best for both these quality futurist sites.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi


August 5, 2020
















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