Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي What!: Nourizad's Clip and Dr.X's Piece
Sam Ghandchi
چه!: کلیپ نوری زاد و نوشته ی دکتر ایکس

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As a journalist, there are times I see some work from other journalists that I cannot dismiss especially when coming from a seasoned journalist but at the same time cannot say much about the piece. Yesterday I ran into two such works. One was an audio clip by Mr. Mohammad Nourizad, a journalist who is now in Evin prison in Iran and the other one was a piece by Dr.X of IPC. I do not personally know Mohammad Nourizad, and also I do not even know the real name of IPC's Dr.X, but I have high respect for integrity and knowledge of both of them. Mr. Nourizad in his new clip claimed Hossein Taeb the head of all IRI intelligence to be an Israeli spy. My opinion about IRI-Israel conflict is clear and there is nothing for me to add. Next, Dr.X in his piece not only accuses the website Independent Persian to be on Saudi Arabia's payroll but makes various charges about so many Iranian political personalities in that connection including Princess Noor Pahlavi, Hadi Khorsandi, Amir Taheri, Camelia Entekhabifard, Mohsen Sazegara, Mehrdad Khonsari and others. Dr. X of IPC also mentions Jamal Khashoggi in his article although he has always considered the late Khashoggi as an Islamist terrorist. All I can suggest to the readers is to listen to Mr. Mohammad Nourizad's clip and read Dr.X's piece about UK's Independent Persian and judge for themselves!


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May 24, 2020
















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