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Sam Ghandchi

بزودی: ضمیمه ی پلاتفرم حزب آینده نگر

P.S. 06/10/20: Supplement 2020 of Futurist Party Platform

P.S. 04/22/20: Futurism: Why All Talk of Marx and Marxism after 180 Years

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I am not in the habit of promising a writing before it is published but this time I am making an exception and actually the supplement I am about to publish soon will probably be a one-page short note. I published the Futurist Party Platform about 20 years ago in July 2001.  Many people directly or indirectly influenced the development of this platform over the years. More than 45 years ago I came to the conclusion that for Iran to have a democratic and just society, a political party is needed and when living in the United States since 51 years ago after finishing high school, and after a couple of years becoming a member of Iranian Students Confederation, which was a student organization abroad, studied about all existing and historical parties in Iran and did not find their platforms to my satisfaction. At the time I was sympathetic to the Left, and Maoism was prominent among the Left in Confederation. Although I rejected Tudeh Party and Soviet Union from day one I was in politics, but I found Maoism to be very shallow as I leaned a lot towards science and future from start, which has been my inclination to this day, and studied most Marxist literature including obscure works such as The Holy Family, and although 10 years later after Iranian 1979 Revolution I rejected Marxism, but my view of Marx and Marxists was in a way similar to how Descartes describes the followers of Aristotle of his time saying that they continue arguing the statements of Aristotle rather than contemplating on Nature and Society which Aristotle studied, and this is why Descartes did not write anything to refute the scholastics, even though in his time the discussions of scholastic philosophers was popular. This author's paper in AI Journal in 1985 entitled 'Intelligent Tools: The Cornerstone of a New Civilization' was an effort for that kind of work about Nature and Society. Returning to our discussion, I went back to Iran in 1974 hoping to create a new political party to help ushering in a democracy with social justice in Iran. Although I found some new left people in Iran including the late Iraj Khanbaba Tehrani, but basically the ones doing political work in Iran in those days were neither the leftists nor the liberals and they were the Islamists and specifically Khomeini supporters. The leftists active in the last decade of the Shah were those in a guerilla movement called cheriki whether Marxist or Islamic-oriented and they were pretty much wiped out by the time of 1979 revolution and I opposed guerilla movement. After the 1979 Revolution I was still a leftist but following the first year of what I saw under the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI), it showed me the result of leftists' programs, although executed by the Islamists, which I later called Marxist kon faya-kun, something like what Marx proposes in 'Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right' in the beginning of his works and later in 'Critique of the Gotha Program' at the end of his works, and the execution of such a plan could as well have been done by a leftist force as it happened in Vietnam. Thus I started rejecting the Leftist platform. I was not the only one coming to this conclusion seeing the consequences of rise of Islamists to power. My friends at Nedaye Azadi which we published in Iran after the 1979 Revolution came to the same conclusion. Mr. Mohammad Amini whom I knew from the US almost 50 years ago was among one of them. Actually my book entitled 'Kurds and Formation of Central Government in Iran' which I wrote while living in Iran in 1981, and my first work about Futurism entitled 'Progressiveness in Present Epoch' written in the U.S. in 1984 and published in 1987 in Iran Times of Washington DC were both edited by Mr. Amini. Mr. Mohammad Amini has just been diagnosed with Corona virus and I hope he gets well soon. Also I should mention Mr. Nader Uskowi, the editor and publisher of Nedaye Azadi and other friends that we published that daily publication in Tehran in the first year after the 1979 Revolution. I should note that I have rarely seen these friends in recent years. At any rates, I rejected Marxism in Iran in the second year after the 1979 Revolution and the research for my paper entitled 'Marxist Thought & Monism,' published later in the U.S. was mostly done when still living in Iran. Rejecting Marxism was instrumental in developing my views for the Futurist Party platform being more similar to the original Jeffersonian version of the plan for US Democratic Party rather than any Marxist Party platform, although my focus has been on incorporating post-industrial social justice in this platform and certainly social justice is not synonym with socialism in my view. In my first years of working on this idea, Daniel Bell was of great help to me. I corresponded with him about my analysis of Iranian Revolution and my critique of Marxism and actually my book entitled 'FUTURIST IRAN: Futurism vs Terrorism,' first published in 2003, was inspired by most of those exchange of ideas with Daniel Bell which were mentioned in a note of appreciation in 2017. Daniel Bell has had a lasting impact on my thinking. Finally I should mention Ray Kurzweil who opened a whole new horizon for me by his epoch-making view of human history as described by his theory of Singularity. In 2003, Futurist Iran book was reviewed by Cindy Wagner of World Future Society, that book is where I showed the foundation of the proposal for a Futurist Party. In 2007, wrote 'Kurzweil, Harry Potter & Futurist Party' where I discussed how Ray Kurzweil helped me to further develop the platform of the Futurist Party. Looking at the platform and practice of Iranian Secular Democratic Party that was formed in 2016 by Dr. Esmail Nooriala and his colleagues, which is a Futurist Party and maybe the first futurist party in the world, shows this plan for a Futurist Party is a viable platform and we do not need to be stuck in old platforms of the past for political activities in 21st Century. Hopefully soon I will publish a very short supplement for this platform, it will be very concise maybe one page.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 17, 2020
















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