Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Entrepreneur is Translated to Job Creator in Persian
Sam Ghandchi

آنترِپرونر در فارسی به کارآفرین ترجمه شده است

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The word *entrepreneur* is translated to job creator (karafarin) in Persian. Surely in English describing the entrepreneurs, their role in job creation is noted, but the real meaning in English, is someone who creates a new *business*. In fact, classical economists like Adam Smith, Ricardo and Marx did not discuss entrepreneurs that much, although even at the beginning of capitalism, there were people like Saint-Simon among the Utopian Socialists who viewed the industrialists as such and hoped with their growth, socialism to usher in. But of economists, maybe von Mises and Hayek leaders of Austrian School who are popular among libertarians, were the first to pay attention to this phenomena. Nonetheless, with the growth of Silicon Valley in California during the 1980's, this term became popular and the meaning in English refers to those who create a new startup business with very little capital. At any rate, it is interesting that in Persian the equivalent that has been picked for this word emphasizes the job creation. Today I saw the February 2020 Issue 92 of Ayandehnegar Magazine of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, which is wholly devoted to entrepreneurship. In the past, I have written about Ayandehnegar Publication of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, that I have no contact and do not know any of the writers and publishers of that monthly publication and just accidentally found it on the Internet and from time to time I read it.


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